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Posted by Maggie on September 21st, 2017

The Inferno was and still is a lot of fun and we know that some of you had buy osrs gold by mobile a really hard time with it. Which is understandable as it was hard as nails. Many people though got a real kick out of watching some of the more "pro" Old School Runescape players Inferno runs and today we want to share with you some of the most memorable and best Inferno runs.

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We had to have Woox on here as he was the very first player to do it and he did it in around 48 hours! He did tell Jagex he would do it in 24, but we can forgive him for that. He scored a ton of awesome prizes from the people at Jagex and the fact he did it without even getting to try the mode (like some other people did) makes his feat even more impressive.


OSRS Lake did something that sounds crazy and that was, not making use of the pillars. The pillars are there to help the player and give them a fighting chance. Mobs will take these pillars down so you have to stop them. Lake said forget that and just did the whole thing from level 1 without the aid of the pillars!


Beating the Inferno is already a great feat, but UIPanda did it on Ultimate Iron Man and when you look at his gear that he had to take on the Inferno, it is amazing he was able to do it as well as he did. He worked his butt off and watching the video of his run is pretty amazing.

The Best Inferno Runs In Runescape

These are just a few of the great Inferno runs. Let us know what ones we missed and need to check out in the comments section below. As always thanks for coming to and be sure to get in touch if you need any of our low priced OSRS Gold!The burning trees on the fossil island now produce charcoal at the time of cutting,Now, rare fossil totems can be stored in fossil storage tanks,You can now check the number of Herbiboars you have captured. Can be checked at any starting tracking position (tracker is always 0),Players can now right-click the "All" tool from the fossil cleaning kit

Herbiboars will now appear on other players,Fossil rates are slightly increased from Herbiboar tracking,Herbiboars has learned some new tracks,Mermaid in the store has a bowl of fish,Only the hit area of ??the staircase of the Wyvern cave is improved.
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