Physical Newspapers vs. Online Newspapers- Which is Better?

Posted by Oscar Ekponimo on September 21st, 2017

How do you remain updated about the latest happenings in and around the world? The best way is reading newspapers. Earlier, you had no option but to purchase physical newspapers to know the current happenings in your city, country and across the world. But now with the advent of internet, you have the privilege of reading newspapers online and remain updated about sports, technology, world happenings, entertainment and other news.

Large numbers of people are still of the opinion that physical newspapers are better. In this article, let us discuss how online newspapers have gained an edge over physical newspapers.

Access anytime, anywhere
With physical newspapers you have to wait for the morning for the newspaper delivery boy to give the newspaper so that you can read it. Another option is you visiting a nearby shop to purchase the newspaper. But with online newspapers, you do not have to wait! You just need your mobile, tablet or laptop and internet connection and you can conveniently know what is happening in and around you.

Whether you are sitting in a bus or in your office, you can read Nigerian entertainment news, world news, sports news, technology news, business news and so on. There is no need to carry the big newspaper in your bag to read it at the time of your choice. Instead, using your mobile or tablet you can gain access to the best newspapers in the world.

Instant Information
Suppose something crucial has happened in your country and you are longing to get detailed information about it. With physical newspapers, you will have to wait for the next day for the newspaper to be published and delivered to your home. But when it comes to online newspapers, you can quickly explore a reputed online newspaper of your country and instantly get detailed information about the event.

Read at the time of your convenience
With physical newspapers, you have to fix a specific time frame to read the newspaper as it may be inconvenient to carry it along with you. For instance, typically people read physical newspapers while having morning tea or breakfast. Some even carry the newspaper in their bag to read it in the bus. But talking about Nigerian newspapers online, you can have easy access to it at all times. You will not have to fix a time frame to read the newspaper. Instead, whenever you feel like, you can use your mobile or tablet to read the online newspaper!

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