A Good Quality Equestrian-Arena Surface is Necessary for Your Horse?s Health

Posted by ricky26 on September 22nd, 2017

The fitness, health and performance of a horse are largely dependent on the arena surface it trains upon. Whether the horse is used for recreational riding, racing or any other commercial purpose; it is extremely important for the horse to undergo rigorous contact training on the equestrian arena surface to boost its physical development and avoid injuries.

Various health factors among horses such as bone density, thickening of bone, muscle fatigue, strength of the limbs, strong skeleton structure, endurance, stamina and the optimal growth of hoof tissue are closely related with the horse riding arena surfaces where it is trained. A few decades ago, the concept of horse training was not very popular and they were usually trained on the terrain comprising of sand, mud and wood chippings as arena’s surface. And even today the popularity of using such materials has not faded a bit. Such materials are comfortable for your horse and are also easily manageable for you, irrespective of the unpredictable British weather.

From the below mentioned horse arena surfaces, one should understand the quality and utility of the surface as per the budget, space, area and climatic factors and then make the buying decision:

  • Wood-Chips

Are the least costly of all equestrian surfaces but are the least durable and have the shortest life span in comparison with other surfaces. Wood chips and fibres can be used for indoor or outdoor arenas.

  • Rubber

As compared to the wooden surfaces, it is a long lasting alternative. It requires less maintenance and rarely gets waterlogged or dried out. Rubber surfaces do not freeze and are dust free. Their use provides an alternative to recycling vehicular tires and is the most comfortable surface to ride and even saves from injuries on falling on the surface.

  • Sand

Used traditionally as solo, but now they are used with mixtures. It is all weather friendly and extremely good for galloping.

  • Waxed coated surfaces

Usually a mixture of sand and synthetic fibres treated with wax coating require less maintenance and imitate turf and allow the bounce and impact absorption more than anything.

To get the best quality horse riding arena construction, riding surfaces or high quality equestrian products, Equipro is a company that you can trust. They use eco-friendly materials to make their exclusive products like Equifibre, Equichip and Equicrumb to render a completely natural and comfortable horse riding experience. You can also get a variety of heavy gauge, tough iron arena harrows and levellers to level the fields.

About Equipro:

Equipro is one of the most trusted British equestrian product and arena manufacturers who provide you with PVC horse fencing and gallop, lunge pens, paddocks and ménage construction.

To know more, visit Equipro.org.uk.

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