How To Customize Your Pint Koozies

Posted by David Smith on September 22nd, 2017

When you hunt for ideas to land on the best promotional product, people will tell you Pint Koozies are the best choice. Pint koozies are loved by people everywhere. Koozies have today become highly stylistic products that also reflect the aspirations, tastes and nature of people’s personal and social lives. Since pint koozies cost very less and are easily made and printed in the way you want, you will find them the best choice when it comes to promotional products. If you have decided that you will procure pint koozies to be given away during a promo event, then it is time to think of customizing it during the manufacturing process so that you get the best koozies on the earth to give your customers.

Choose the size and material
Usually most pint koozies come in some standard sizes to choose from. You can work on the koozie sizes and find the most popular size that is widely used. This is necessary to ensure that people use your pint koozies instead of just storing them at their homes. Only if your koozies are used outdoors when people are on the move, you have more chances to promote your products and brand among the popular circles. Secondly, the choice of material in the next task you must focus on. The most popular material for pint koozies appears to be neoprene. This is an amazing light weight material that is economically priced. It provides a better thermal insulation and grip under the fingers when compared to other class of materials. However, you are free to work with the other options as well to create a difference from the other koozies the people find around them.

The color of the koozie
Koozies can be made in any color you want. After they are made, they can be printed in any color and design you choose. Therefore working with the color of the koozie and the color of the printing is the solid way to customize them. In the first place you have two objectives in front of you namely meeting the popular taste and providing a fitting background for the content you wish to print on the koozies. Observe the colors of your logo and company name. If you wish to retain these colors on the koozies, then it is advisable to choose a contrasting color for the koozie so that your printed matter is seen attractively. Also, if you wish to go for the popular colors that people prefer, decide the colors based on whether you deal with products related to men or women. Mena tend to prefer dark colors and women tend to prefer light or soft colors. This is the general rule.

Get the best koozies on the earth
The right kind of efforts you put in customizing your koozies will pay you in the end. Doing a collaborative work with the suppliers of those attractively printed pint koozies, you are going to have the most lovable koozies to promote your products and brand name. We have been meeting the needs of businesses in different business domains with custom made pint koozies. Call us to know how we can effectively support your marketing activities.

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