Need and Importance of a Logo for your Company

Posted by dwspriya on April 28th, 2011

A logo represents the identity of a company. The significance of a company logo in promoting a business in the market cannot be ruled out. A logo is not just required to look pretty, but also fulfill three necessary requirements: it should be appropriate (must indicate the basic features of the company or product), it should be aesthetic (must be visually acceptable) and it should reflect the credibility of the company. The company logo represents the business standards in visual form. The logo should also be designed such that it entices clients towards the business and comes across the first impression of business to the customers.

A company logo also does well to various other aspects of your company:
•    Distinguishes your business from your rivals
•    Offers a sense of professionalism
•    Builds brand of your company

For many companies, their logos have become their brand too. For instance, if Nike did not have the check mark below its name on their logo, there would not have been a brand. As and when someone sees the check mark on any product, they immediately recognise the company to be Nike. Thus, the logo of the company sets you apart from your competitors. If, for example, you own a garments company but do not have a logo attached to it, people might not be able to identify you amongst your competitors only on the basis of your company name. Nevertheless, many people even remember logos and can easily differentiate your company from your competitors by only viewing your company logo.

Other key features of your company logo are the colour and shape being used for the design of your logo. Any imbalance in the logo colours or irregular shape of your logo can have bad effects on your company’s reputation and hence your business. This is an important issue as it is the logo of your company that represents the identity of the business.

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