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Selenium is an arrangement of various programming tools each with an alternate way to deal with supporting test automization. QA Engineers concentrate on the maybe a couple tools that most address the issues of their venture, however adapting every one of the tool will give you a wide range of choices for moving toward various test computerization issues. The whole suite of instruments brings about a rich arrangement of testing capacities particularly outfitted to the requirements of testing of web utilizations of different kinds. . One of Selenium's key highlights is the help for executing one's tests on numerous program stages.

In 2004 Jason Huggins created Javascript library that could drive connections with the page, enabling him to naturally rerun tests against different programs. That library inevitably progressed toward becoming Selenium Core, which underlies all the usefulness of Selenium Remote Control (RC) and Selenium IDE. The name Selenium originates from a joke made by Huggins in an email, deriding a contender named Mercury, saying that you can cure mercury harming by taking selenium supplements. The others that got the email took the name and kept running with it.          While Selenium was an enormous instrument, it wasn't without its disadvantages. In light of its Javascript based automation engine and the security boundaries browsers apply to Javascript, diverse things became difficult to do. To make the  situation worse , webapps turned out to be increasingly intense after some time, utilizing a wide range of unique highlights new browsers giving  and making these confinements more troublesome.

Root of Selenium Remote control(RC)

Analyzers utilizing Selenium Core needed to introduce the entire application under test and the web server all alone neighborhood PCs as a result of the confinements forced by a similar beginning strategy. So another designer, Paul Hammant, chose to make a server that will acts as  a HTTP intermediary to "trap" the program into trusting that Selenium Core and the web application being tried originated from a similar space. This framework ended up plainly known as the Selenium Remote Control or Selenium 1.

Inception of Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid was produced by Patrick Lightbody to address the need of limiting test execution times however much as could be expected. He at first called the framework "Facilitated QA." It was equipped for catching program screenshots amid critical stages, and furthermore of conveying Selenium charges to various machines at the same time.

Cause Of Selenium IDE

Shinya Kasatani of Japan made Selenium IDE, a Firefox expansion that can robotize the program through a record-and-playback highlight. He concocted this plan to additionally build the speed in making experiments. He gave Selenium IDE to the Selenium Project in 2006.

Beginning of Selenium Web driver

Simon Stewart made WebDriver around 2006 when programs and web applications were winding up more effective and more prohibitive with JavaScript programs like Selenium Core. It was the principal cross-stage testing system that could control the program from the OS level

The reason of the presence of Selenium will be partaken in the following Article

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