Bought a Pair of Leather Shoes? Know Top 3 Tips on Maintenance

Posted by James Spencer on September 22nd, 2017

Leather shoes are considered as a possession. Both men and women get obsessed regarding their leather shoes to keep those in a fresh condition especially when they are buying an exclusive designer collection. Leather shoes, unlike the other cheap substitutes, are prone to get damaged quite quickly if you fail to ensure proper maintenance of it. One of the biggest mistakes people often make is when they ignore to maintain it.

Moreover, they often treat the pair of leather shoes just like their canvas shoes. No matter how much time and effort people put to buy leather wallet and other accessories for complementing their style, it will not enhance their appearance unless you take proper care of your shoes. Find out the hacks of maintaining your leather shoes perfectly to increase its longevity.

Keep it dry with newspapers

You are probably heading towards the office, and a sudden splash of rain pour from the sky damaging your expensive leather shoes! Well, it is surely an unavoidable situation, and you cannot afford to lose your favourite pair of shoes. Under such a condition, newspapers can appear to be a real saviour. As soon as you come back home, consider filling the shoes with crunched newspaper so that it can soak in the water accumulated inside the leather.

Polish it often

In the case of leather shoes, cleaning up the dirt is not enough as you are required to polish it often to keep the shine intact. Three types of polishes are available for leather shoes. The liquid polishes get dried up fast, and therefore you don't have to wait for too long once you have applied the polish. However, you may not find a lot of colour options in liquid polishes. On the other hand, the paste based shoe polishes are also used by a lot of men. However, a significant section of people is also not quite fond of it as it creates a mess and therefore can destroy your trousers or socks as well. Cream-based polishes are easy to apply and can be used on the go. The effects of this particular polish last for a long time.

Brogue shoes

Beware of the toxic levels of shoe polishes

It is essential to consider the appearance you want for your shoes. It is highly recommended not to experiment with shoes polishes just for the sake of having a new appearance. A lot of shoe polishes often have toxic elements that can cause significant harm to your leather shoes. Know the leather type to make sure the polish you buy remains compatible with the type of your shoes. The polish you are using must be consistent with the leather, so it does not show any sign of reaction.

Buying the polish from any reputed store during the time you are about to buy Brogue shoes online, will be an ideal option in this case as they segregate their collection of polishes based on the leather type and colour. Moreover, there will be minimum chance of getting cheated because none of their products will show signs of toxicity.

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