4 Pipe for Tobacco Snuff Applicators You Should Know

Posted by Lucy Caine on September 22nd, 2017

The smokers and even the non-smokers who consider snuffing tobacco through the best ways, should always be aware of the latest updates. Yes, it’s easy to grind your stuff and roll it in usual tobacco rolling papers, but to have unique experiences at snuffing, equipping your kit with a snuff applicator is imperative.

From the blow pipes, Tepi shamanic snuff applicators to the self-applicators, pipes for tobacco snuff, all of them have been designed for tobacco lovers. They are the ultimate powerful tools to provide you fulfilling experiences. In this article, we will give you an insight into four highly-recommended tepi and pipe applicators.

1. Taboca Amazonian Tepi Snuff Applicator
Should you be looking for something incredibly compelling tool to satisfy your snuffing needs, Taboca Amazonian Tepi Snuff Applicator can be a good choice. It hails from a community in Rio Branco that borders the Amazon Rainforest. Besides, the equipment has a connection with the Yoshibo spirit and other medicine made from a plant called Taboca. This blowpipe offers best-resistant and an excellent air-flow.

2. Jade & Smoky Quartz Small Tepi Applicator
Sometimes, adding a pinch of style to your readymade equipment is all that you want. Jade & Smoky Quartz Small Tepi Applicators are thus, the homemade indigenous applicators with featuring a beautiful design and beautifully carved stones. They are functional and flashy, both at the same time.

3. Bear Head Kuripe Self Applicator
Bamboo, epoxy, and power stones are used to make the special Bear Head Kuripe Self Applicators. Well, this very applicator allows a user to save on the stuff for long durations by using its U-shaped bamboo mesh, unlike the traditional applicators that use V-shaped bamboo mesh.

4. Small Red Tepi Snuff Applicator
With beautiful design and great air-flow, the Small Red Tepi Snuff Applicators have made a cut when it comes to deciding on the best applicators. They have hailed from the Estrela Brilhante community in Northeast Brazil.
It is the sacred shamanic snuff medicine with spiritual and pre-Columbian roots. It’s powerful and precious and made using a labor-intensive process that further involves a range of Amazonian medicines, herbs, leaves, and seeds as the sacred ingredients. Usually shaped in the indigenous tribes of Brazil and Peru, snuffing it isn’t as easy as it seems. Since the stuff is powerful, you have to have a powerful tool such as a bamboo pipe or bone to snuff it. The self-applicators - Kuripe and the blow pipes - Tepi are therefore, the equipment used to apply this shamanic snuff in Brazilian tradition.

That being said, you can now find these tepi pipes online at competitive prices. All you need to do is approach the most sough suppliers through the internet.

Author’s Bio: The author is an avid writer and this article discusses the four types of snuffers.

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