Essential Checklist For Maintaining Your Office Computers

Posted by Ronel Noel on September 22nd, 2017

Computers are unpredictable and can become faulty anytime during an expected hour. No business can afford to see the computers faulty during a crucial hour leading to interruptions in business processes. Hence, it is necessary for every business to keep their computers in shape by signing up for a maintenance package with a reputed Computer Repair Commack firm. However, the importance of performing some regular maintenance tasks on all your computers cannot be overlooked. To this end, it is necessary to train your employees with the basics of computer maintenance tasks. Here is a checklist of the regular computer maintenance tasks you must perform.

Check anti-virus status
First install a reliable anti-virus and malware protection program. Perform a full scan of the computer following the installation to locate the existing threats and remove them. It is essential to configure the system for protecting against the latest threats. Also, setup regular scanning schedules to be run at least once in a week.

Automatic back-up
It is a prudent move to install an automated backup program that can keep your computer connected to a cloud storage program. Once you do this, you must also define which files must be stored. The automatic back-up program will do the necessary back-up on a daily basis when the system is connected to the internet.

Work with passwords
It is very essential for every business to enhance the networks security by setting smart passwords. While designing your passwords, take into account the guidelines regarding the minimum lengths and characters. It is needed that your users update their passwords on a regular basis preferably once in ninety days. It is also essential to prevent them using any of their last five passwords.

Check for updates
Regularly check for system updates. It is necessary to ensure that your system is completely up to date.

Memory usage
From time to time check memory usage. Remember that free memory is very essential for ensuring a top performance from your system. In addition, you must be able to store some crucial work products besides making sure that the machine’s memory is enough for the needs of the users. If this is not the case, update your RAM.

Physical cleanliness
It is essential to physically clean your computer from time to time. Most importantly, blow out the dust from the interiors of your computer by using the special device meant for this purpose. Also you must clean the crumbs on your keyboard and also disinfect the shell with the right kind of products exclusively recommended for computers.

Delete and update
Over a period of usage, unnecessary software files are accumulated in the system. Check for those software that are no longer in use and delete them for freeing up the space and also enhancing the user experience. There might be different drivers installed for your computer. Identify the drivers that are outdated and update them for optimum performance. Install CCleaner on your computer to remove the temporary files, purge the trash and rectify the errors in the registry.

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