How to Conduct End-of-lease Cleaning While Moving Out?

Posted by Ron William on September 22nd, 2017

As soon as you rent a new apartment or house, the landlord is likely to ask for rental bond and according to the possible damages to a rented property. Hence, in case of any possible damage, you as a tenant have to pay that money. Now, you may ask for your land lord’s standards to make the house same it was before giving you rent. Let’s know how to do cleaning when it comes to moving out.

  • It starts from the day you moved in: Since the time you moved into the place, it’s your responsibility to take to remember how your home was looking when you came to see it. Before getting into the house, an agreement states your rented property’s previous condition, before taking the belongings inside. So, when you move out, the check the property report to ensure the settings are intact or not. If it takes a lot of effort, ask third party service provider, who inspect the property, find the pitfalls and repair accordingly.
  • Take care of the mess you created while moving out: If you live clean, the chances of getting exit money back becomes higher. Well, apart from hiring a professional exit cleaning in Brisbane city, you have to get rid of old food or unused items first and vacant property for cleaning. Hence, you have to make your house free from the mess that has been created by dismantling furniture and packing them along with other valuables. Additionally, you have to clean up the stains and if you have pets, make sure to clean it up soon after they make a place untidy.
  • Look for some improvement and fixtures:  If anything goes wrong in the house, you have to fix them. However, you have to be cautious to know if the landlord is demanding for any finishing or fixture that is not your liability to do. As a piece of advice, always take before and after photos to avoid unwanted expenditure for fittings and fixtures from your pocket.
  • Go through the leasing contract: Reading the contract is the simplest yet much important thing you need to consider first.  It is a common fact that if your owner is leasing you a property in exchange for money, then obviously it will charge money if any damage that occurs. Even, the clause may include smoking prohibition or charge an additional cost to maintain the quality of the property.   
  • Hire a professional cleaner to get the best cleaning: If you are worried thinking that your landlord would charge you more than the expected amount, it is better to hire professionals in this regard. Finding cleaners on your own can save you from counting additional expenses, as they clean with care, refreshes the indoor air and hence make it ready for the new tenants.

To ensure that your old place is ready for tenants, you have to think like a new tenant of the same property. Hence, before asking for an end of lease cleaning in Aspley, think about the cleaning requirements and find whether it can satisfy your need concerning the current condition of your property.

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