Why You Need Springsuits and Paddle Wetsuits Made Specifically for Women

Posted by articlelink01 on September 23rd, 2017

Fit is the most important factor in a wetsuit and it guarantees that your wetsuit will serve you well. A well-fitted wetsuit allows only a little seepage and any more than that will defy the purpose of wearing a wetsuit. An ill-fitted wetsuit creates loose folds of fabric that gets filled with ocean water. Cold water flushes in and out of the suit and replaces the nice warm water heated by your body. This will result in a sharp drop of body temperature and force you to get out of the water. It could also make you fall very sick or disastrously affect your sports performance. This is why it is very important to pick your wetsuit carefully.

          The anatomy of a male and female body are very different from each other. That is why there can never be a unisex or universal wetsuit. The body of a woman is built very differently and the wetsuit needs to hug the skin in the right shape to provide a good fit. Wetsuits including women’s springsuits and paddle wetsuits for women are cut in such a way that they are proportionately smaller in the waist and fuller in the hips as compared to a wetsuit designed for men. You are already aware of the results of wearing an ill-fitting wetsuit so make sure you get one designed for women only. Our company specializes in wetsuits made specifically for women and there is one for every body type.

          Women’s springsuits are also known as shorty and they are great for wearing in the summer or in warmer climates. The legs of the suit are cut off a few inches below the knee and the arms can be either full-sleeved or short sleeved. They are made of a lighter neoprene fabric and you can buy them in several variants of thickness depending on the weather you’re planning to wear it in. For the cool summers a 2 mm thickness of the springsuit fabric is ideal. You can also opt for a 0.5 mm thick fabric if the weather is warmer. For temperatures between 15-18°C or 60-65°F, a long sleeved 2 mm springsuit will be ideal while you should opt for a short-sleeved 0.5 mm springsuit for warmer weather. Springsuits made of both S-foam and L-foam neoprene are available for purchase.

          Women’s paddle wetsuits and springsuits are also ideal for sports like paddle-boarding and kayaking. This is because they require minimal contact with water and this allows you to choose a lighter fabric for your wetsuits. Instead of a one piece garment, you can also buy neoprene leggings, jackets, t shirts, long tops, crop tops and board shorts based on your requirements. Our company has a large number of options available and you choose exactly what you want based on your own needs, style or size.

          Springsuits and paddle wetsuits come in a variety of different looks that are hip and trendy. Always be in style with our range of fashionable wetsuits of vibrant color options. Whether you like solids, stripes, tie & dye, animal prints, polka dots, neon colors or metallic shades, we have it all. Pick your favorite between front and back zipper options and don’t forget to take a look at our corset springsuits that will turn heads.

Resource Box For summers and tropical holidays a womens springsuit or a women paddle wetsuits is an absolutely. Get one that is specifically designed for you in your favorite color, style, thickness and fit.

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