Keeping Your Field Hockey Equipment in Pristine Condition

Posted by williamriddle on April 28th, 2011

Most field hockey players, regardless of level, have experienced a broken stick. And usually, 5 minutes before an important game. Even top stick manufacturers such as Voodoo and Gryphon are not exempt from the occasional broken stick. And why does it happen? More often than not, it is the regular preventative maintenance, such as storing a stick in a consistent room temperature, which is overlooked. In countries like Canada, where field hockey is played year-round in Vancouver, and often in different outdoor temperatures, it becomes imperative for the field hockey player to properly store their stick. It could be something as simple as cleaning the head of the stick, before dirt and other Playing field hockey is just one aspect of the game – just as important is knowing how to take care of your field hockey equipment between games. How can you ensure that you perform to your peak level, if your own field hockey gear is in sub-par condition? Has your field hockey stick been sitting in a dry basement or a cold attic all winter? Get ready for a big surprise if it has. I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your field hockey equipment in the best possible condition – because preventative maintenance will help you avoid those stressful situation when your field hockey stick breaks 5 minutes before an important game. You might have the best field hockey grip out there, but if your stick has seen better days, then you might as well forget about making that winning shot happen. Here is a quick checklist of what you can do, to make sure that your field hockey equipment is in the best possible working condition: Firstly, store your field hockey stick in a room with a consistent temperature. Especially if it is the off-season, and you won’t be playing for a while, this is an important first-step. The highest probability for breakage occurs when a cold stick is taken into a cold playing environment, and then used. Usually this is a recipe for disaster. Secondly, clean your stick of any residual debris from the game. Dirt, grime, sand etc can all bond to the stick, and adversely affect performance. If you play on a sand-based turf, this is especially true. So wipe your field hockey stick clean, and inspect it before putting it into your field hockey bag, and stored until next time. When a stick becomes too worn out, it noticeably affects overall performance. Lastly, adding a bit of tape around the head of the stick can help protect the shaft of the field hockey stick, and prolong its life. While some players don’t like the added weight, most recreational players won’t even notice the difference. But one thing is for sure: adding a few strips of field hockey tape to the areas of the highest impact (the stick head, and front shaft) is a very good way to make sure your stick survives any vicious tackles from your opponents, or any of the other punishment you hand out each time you play. It’s a small thing, but it definitely works. So do your homework, and treat your field hockey equipment like a 12th player on your team. Always strive to keep your gear in the best possible condition, and try to follow some or all of the cleaning and maintenance tips above. It’s all about taking the right preventative measures to keep the most important part of your game, your equipment, performing as it was designed to do. Field hockey equipment sure isn’t cheap these days, so taking the 5-10 minutes each time you play, to properly address the needs of your field hockey stick, will pay off in spades. Get more mileage out of your investment, and keep those sizzling field hockey goals coming off your stick. Taking care of your field hockey equipment today, ensures that the next time you play field hockey, your equipment really performs.

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