Important Wiring Considerations When Renovating or Building a Home

Posted by johnpreston on September 23rd, 2017

One of the parts that often gets left out or is not given due consideration when constructing a new house or renovating an old one is the wiring. Homeowners discover too late that their power demands far supersede what the house can handle. This leads to flickering lights, burning fuses and tripping circuit breakers among other issues. There are a few essential wiring considerations when doing a St. Charles, IL remodel project so you don’t face unforeseen electric issues.
Find Out About Local Codes

You may have grand ideas about where you are going to put power outlets so it's convenient only to later get into trouble with your local authority. There are standards or codes that govern residential electricity down to the details including the types of wires you can use and how many outlets you can have in any given room. Ensure that you are conversant with these codes to avoid fines and other penalties. Better yet, get a local electrician who should have all these details at the tip of his fingers.

Assess Your Electrical Needs

While planning which walls you are going to knock down or where to place the den, add your power demands to your list of considerations. Figure out roughly how many devices and appliances you will be using regularly and where. This process helps to ensure that you have the proper electrical system and wiring to meet your energy demands. Consider how you are going to place your Batavia, IL lighting during a new construction to get a good sense of what your energy needs will be.
Consider Other Possible Wiring Requirements

It is easy to get caught up in the electrical wiring requirements and ignore other essential wiring such as security, fire and data. Find out what else the wiring can do whether you are constructing a new home or remodeling. Modern wires carry electricity as well as data and security. You may also want to consider wireless alternatives which are typically cheaper and less cumbersome.  Your electrician should help to create an accurate picture of what this might involve.
Protect Existing Infrastructure

A running joke around electrician circles is the saying "ask twice, drill once". The idea is you shouldn’t have to bore holes or do other damage to existing infrastructure for a rewiring project. The St. Charles, IL construction should also keep into account future electrical repairs and needs and whether it would be necessary to drill or punch holes in walls to get to the wiring on a future date.
The conclusion here is you shouldn’t undertake any major renovation project or new construction without involving a certified, licensed, insured and bonded electrician. Give preference to local electricians who are more aware of local laws and codes and who would be able to give the best advice based on your location.


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