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Posted by SEO Team on September 25th, 2017

Nowadays, there are large numbers of footing form systems available in the market, but most of them share a common factor, which is a non-wood form. Today, the concrete industry is becoming more environmental friendly and therefore significant focus is placed on the type of material used. This is the reason now the industry is steadily shifting towards using plastic or aluminum forms instead of wood.

These new concrete forms 1-1/8 have varied benefits, which include higher life span as compared to wood, resulting in less construction wastage. With the growing trend, new footing products are gaining popularity among contractors who are willing to search for alternatives and avail the benefits which new footing systems provide.

EZ-Footing is an innovative and new aluminum forming system for foundations and footings. With EZ-Footings, ongoing expenses and labor costs of buying consumables can be significantly reduced. Let us now consider how customers have benefits from this new aluminum forming system and reported considerable savings in different areas:

  • Reduced concrete waste due to the fact that there are no blow-outs or overlaps
  • The system can effectively tow more forms using less weight in your trailer and truck
  • Crew members find it extremely easy and light to transport
  • Same set of forms can be utilized for more pours
  • No requirement for nail or lumber purchases
  • Average labor savings can be up to 50 percent.

One of the vital reasons for the growing popularity of EZ-Footing system is that it helps in resolving various problems outside of the actual installation of footings. One such example is DOT requirements. EZ-Footing systems offer a trailer, which is built into the cost of the system, especially designed for transporting these forms. Additionally, the trailer, which has designated places for different forms, does not necessitate a commercial driver’s license for driving. Moreover, the trailers are also easier to navigate to hard to reach work sites!

To purchase Marshalltown trowels or footing system, it is advisable to explore the online medium. With the ready availability of the internet, you can easily use the online medium to search for a credible company that is dedicated towards fulfilling the needs of companies working with concrete. Whether you are working with decorative concrete, bridges, buildings, slabs or foundations, you can discover all the concrete accessories and materials requirements over the company site. Just inform the company about your requirements and they will help you choose and purchase the ideal materials and accessories accordingly!

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