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Group Health Insurance Quotes for Employer Funded Worker Coverage

Posted by ProHealth on September 25th, 2017

The health care industry is going through turbulent stages across the country. Small, medium and even some large organizations are shifting to family coverage health insurance over earlier preferences of group health insurance. Introduction of different kinds of software programs are bringing about significant changes in the way, employers are viewing benefit costs. An increasing number of firms prefer to adopt employer-funded family health insurance for their employees. These alternatives can save as much as 57 per cent on average compared to group health insurance costs for most employers. The trends in employer allowances and their utilization are all set to change the health care industry scenario nationwide. Here are a few outlines on costs of family health insurance reimbursements.

Consumers can get additional information through studies of employer funded individuals health insurance annual reports. Alternatively, just go online with service providers like ProHealthInsuranceQuote helping millions of American employees get family health insurance quote across the country. Consumers can pull state wise information and required data for studying all kinds of options. You can get simple and quick free online quotes through online application form which does not take more than a minute. You can get familiar with basic terms; explore plans available on the market place with different coverage levels. Check out employer contributions and government subsidies for individual coverage as well as family health insurance coverage.

What is Family Health Insurance?

We define family health insurance as coverage purchased to cover individuals as well as family members. Consumers across the country can make good use of online resources to shop for their family health insurance. It is easier than ever before to browse and search the public market place as well as the private health insurance market. There are plenty of brokers and insurance companies willing to extend expert advice and all necessary help on health insurance for the family to complete application to approval process. Those thinking of purchasing coverage on public market place can find out more on federal subsidies and requirements to qualify. Small business employer and workers have better chances to get family insurance.

Due to recent upheavals, only about half of the small and medium business employers are giving workers the benefit of employer based health insurance policies as group health insurance quotes statistics reveal. In sharp contrast, more and more employers prefer their employees enter into a reimbursements programs involving health insurance policy to cover for family members instead of simple individual coverage. Thus, employer-funded family health insurance is gaining in popularity today. Sample study of 2,200 employers and 10,500 participants using Benefits’ software during 2015 reveals:

  • Average costs of employer-funded allowance comes to 6 per month, per employee. This average is across all states and family sizes.
  • Use of this average employee amount of allowance, across states and family sizes, comes to roughly 1 per month, per employee (almost an 89% utilization rate). Thus, actual employer financial contributions towards health coverage averages 0 per month, per employee.
  • Employer based conventional group health insurance coverage has fallen behind due to higher costs. Employers switching to employer-funded family health insurance are seeing cost savings on an average of 57%. This is true of comparable, comprehensive health benefits just as before. 
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