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Posted by juliabennet on April 29th, 2011

Today Twitter has become one of the hottest platforms where social networking is concerned besides Facebook. is basically a website that allows users to write for free brief posts featuring content across the information gamut and read content posted by other users. These posts or messages which are limited to 140 characters per post are referred to as tweets and are delivered to all those who you have added in your friends list, basically your followers and you will receive tweets from the Twitter users that you are following.

Twittering as they call it on has been compared to the ideal mix of instant messaging and blogging which has resulted in the name of micro-blogging for this new marvel. Unlike, the space limitation here is appreciated by many users as the updates received will be precise and to the point especially when you have a list of busy followers. Twitter makes use of the What's Happening question to direct the content of each update aiming to make sure it contains information that will be relevant to others.

To begin with is pretty simple. At you can very easily create a free account by filling out your profile which asks for your name, a user name that you would like to use, a password and your email id. If you like, you may upload a picture so that your followers can put a face to the updates that they will receive now and then. If you are creating a twitter account which will be used mainly for business then you might like to upload your company logo if you think it is suitable. You can change the background by going to Settings and selecting one of those provided or you could customize one if you are familiar with Photoshop.

At your profile page should include relevant information about yourself whether it is your areas of expertise or your interests since this is important for fellow twitterers who are looking for like-minded individuals to follow and start a dialogue with. Once you create your twitter account it would be a good idea to click on each page by navigating all the tabs and hyperlinks to know what all options are available on the site. You can find tips all over the site that can point you in the right direction.

On you can start by being a follower just so you get a feel of the twittering culture. Follow those that share the same interests as you. If you find that their tweets are not relevant for you, you can just unfollow them by clicking on the "following" hyperlink and choose "unfollow" from actions. Make use of this method to develop a list that you can keep up with and enjoy at the same time. As soon as you feel comfortable, you can invite your professional and personal contacts to follow you.

So if you are looking to promote you business on, you must create a twitter account right away!

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