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Various Types of Louvered Vents for Doors

Posted by amazingdoors on September 25th, 2017

Adding a louver to your door will allow air and a bit of light to pass through without inviting in unwanted elements such as dirt, water, and debris. Louvered vents for doors can serve as an additional ventilation system to a room to make it less humid and stuffy. To become effective, they often come with a number of adjustable or fixed blades, which are mounted in a frame. When choosing louvered vents, you often need to consider factors like pressure loss or resistance to airflow, the louver free area, and water penetration. Once you understood them, you can start exploring the various types of louvered vents for doors, such as the following: 

  • Inverted louvers – With inverted V blades, the door louvers are ideal for institutional and industrial buildings, schools, and class A office buildings, as they have a 60 percent free flow area. High-quality inverted louvers are made of 20-gauge CRS, but some suppliers can provide them in other materials. Ideally, there should be half an inch of spacing between the blades and they are attached with an interlock construction to an inch-deep welded frame. Non-vision style construction results in a seamless look without any visible screws on the corridor side. 
  • Adjustable – Adjustable louvered vents for doors are often manually operated and come in different sizes. These are ideal for partitions and transoms, too, and they come in options with a bird or bug screen. Z blades are linked to the frame’s operating bar, with rivets positioned at one-inch intervals. A stop prevents the vents from moving independently. Some of the best adjustable louvered vents are fastener-free, where screws are fastened to the core rather than the frame’s corridor side for a clean and seamless appearance. 
  • Twin Z blades – Suitable for tandem units, twin Z blades provide adjustable and non-vision louvers in one. High-quality twin Z blades and the frame are made of 18-gauge CRS. Louver blades are riveted with an inch of intervals on the adjustable part, and the fixed part has an interlocking build attaching to the frame. 
  • Galvanized - 18-gauge galvanized sheet metal blades and a 20-gauge frame are combined to create self-attaching, rugged industrial louvered vents, which do not require mounting holes in a door. 
  • Lightproof – Non-reflective and lightproof louvered vents for doors are ideal in media rooms, dark rooms, and x-ray rooms. High-quality lightproof air louvers are made of 18-gauge CRS, with an inch of spacing between each bade. 

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