Which Types Of Abrasive Fiber Discs Are Available?

Posted by Carla Bruni on September 25th, 2017

Aluminum Oxide Resin Fiber Disc

These discs are general purpose applications, and they are a good choice if you want to offer a good starting choice for grinding the carbon steel. They feature a full resin bond system that comes with heavy-duty fiber backing for increased strength durability and tear resistance.

Zirconia Resin Fiber Discs

They are a better choice for stainless, titanium, superalloys, steel, and cast iron. They are a great choice when the cost is a factor. They outperform aluminum oxide when they are used on harder metals.

Ceramic Resin Fiber Discs

They are recommended for use on stainless steel or other hard to grind materials. Be sure you are buying it from an authentic abrasive fiber disc supplier. The ceramic grain keeps the grinding process cooler. It means that they have more life and prevents the premature breakdown of the grain structure. 

Norton Fiber Discs

These discs feature ultimate performing, next-generation ceramic alumina grain for the greatest productivity and the lowest total costs.

Ceramic Plus Resin Fiber Discs

The breakdown of the abrasive grain is a key factor in the overall performance of the coated abrasive product. The new grain is manufactured in a new way that results in much finer crystalline structure. It is a unique mineral fracture that provides the abrasive product with a longer life and more aggressive grains with an improved self-sharpening effect. It can be compared to all ceramic grinding discs in the market that has unmatched performance, and it is offered at a price that is significantly lower. Some of the key features are higher cut rates, longer disc life, cool-cut technology and excellent price-performance ratio.

Wrapping Up

Many abrasive fiber disc suppliers offer great products so you can choose those that suit your needs the best.

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