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Posted by laserqc on September 25th, 2017

Laser is used in retinal photocoagulation, usually in hospital. Retinal photocoagulation is designed to eliminate the lack of oxygen in the retina, to prevent new blood vessels, or to reduce new blood vessels. Photocoagulation will sacrifice some normal retinas, but it will inevitably prevent all the retinas from becoming tangled. This treatment is likely to lead to this type of misunderstanding, which is to prevent the deterioration of retinopathy, rather than to restore the original state of treatment. In rare cases, vision may go up due to the whole retinal swelling, but in many cases, the visual acuity of the treatment is either constant or quite low. According to the progress of retinopathy, the number of burn laser pointer irradiation and the range of exposure will be different. Retinal photocoagulation is very effective in early stage and is an important method for future prevention of blindness.

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