Are there mature escorts who still lie about their age?

Posted by Michael Ferguson on September 25th, 2017

Over the years, many mature escortshave found it convenient to slightly adjust their age while in this line of work. However, are they just being misunderstood by the population? Do people just have the wrong end of the stick when it comes to understanding the intent of these ladies? Is it all about insecurity or just for work? With time, the concept of having a mature girl over the age of 35 (for instance) working in a mature escort’s agency stuck. Majority of these ladies are constantly hired and appreciated today because of the unique traits they portray compared to their younger counterparts.

Different ladies have their own reasons for withholding their true age. It is misconstrued that they do this because of their bodily insecurities and do not want to be referred to as too old for the job. It is said that these mature escortscould add up to ten years to their actual age. But this is not the case. Many of them today will openly tell you their actual ages, and some go as far as to show you their identification cards to prove it. But why then do some still stick to the little white lie?

Even the best incall escorts do this. It is mainly for advertising. It is not shocking to say that many clients seeking escort services in London always look for that young, vibrant girl who just blossomed into a curvaceous, sexy lady a minute ago. This is a sad truth that still affects some of the ladies who have not fully disregarded what people think about their age. The stereotype is, however, quickly losing grip in today’s world. Many men are seeking the company of escorts who have even surpassed their mid-thirties to give them a night of thrill and excitement.

It is no longer about the age. Many incall London escortshave broken out of their cocoons and realized that the quality of their work is not determined by their age. Men are openly and publically sharing comments and reviews online that are in favor of the mature escort, sometimes referred to as MILF escort or cougar escort.

Women empowerment is real! It is the 21st century and women escorts no longer care about their age. With how they have learned to keep their bodies tight and curvy even after their youthful years, they will soon take over incall London escorts agencies.

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