5 Tips to Help You Keep Your Led Televisions Clean and Dust Free

Posted by Ron William on September 25th, 2017

One of the first things that you need to keep in mind before you attempt to cool that big TV of yours is that you need to shut it off and give it the chance to cool down, to get the temperatures lower. As opposed to the old television boxes that depended on cathode ray tubes these TVs do not guzzle up as much electricity or even let out as much byproduct. However, even as they work they do tend to get warmed up for sure. When you let your TV you find how easier it is to remove the grubbiness that has accumulated on its surface.

The benefits of turning the monitor off

The biggest benefit of turning your television screen off is that the screen becomes dark and it is easier for you to see the marks, and scratches as well as the oily and dirty areas that need to be removed from the screen surface. However, if you do not feel confident for some reason or the other you would be better off asking for professional TV repairs Melbourne who would ensure that you television is in its best form. 

Using cloth

It is always better to use a cloth that is soft and dry. Ideally, it should be the kind of cloth that you would use in order to clean your glasses surfaces as well as spectacles. You should also wipe the screen rather gently. If you are unable to remove the dirt or oil that way, it would be better if you did not try any harder and pressed with all your strength. Pressing too hard can put a pressure on the screen which may get will get burnt out considering how delicate these screens are.

Do not use scrubbers and paper products

You should never use paper products and those abrasive scrubbers for your TV screen. They are always better off for using on kitchen sinks and mirrors in the bathroom and elsewhere. As opposed to the earlier TVs these LED (light-emitting diode) sets do not have a glass surface at the front that can be cleaned with a crumpled newspaper in an effective way. Also using a kitchen sponge is a strict no no since they can damage the plastic panels that cover the screens of these TVs. It is better to use the cleaning cloth that came with the set or buying one from the store.

The solutions that you can use

The professionals for LG TV repair Melbourne suggest that if you are looking to clean by yourself, you can create a solution that contains 50 per cent water and 50 per cent vinegar.

Do not use cleaning solutions that have ammonia

These days, there are plenty of materials that are touted as possible options for cleaning LED TVs. Some of them may be mentioned as below:

  • ammonia
  • alcohol
  • window cleaner
  • vinegar
  • furniture polish
  • various kinds of solutions

It is always better to steer clear of ammonia or anything else that may include it as such. The main reason for such a suggestion is the fact that it can permanently discolour your TV screen and leave marks that stay behind permanently.

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