Decisions For Business Locations ? Some Relevant Factors

Posted by Ethan Maxwell on September 25th, 2017

Every organization has its location as the key to its successful operations and overall growth and development. Various factors are to be studied before choosing the location of the company. These may be the procurement of the raw material, the feasibility of the factory with the surrounding environment, need of types of equipment and the employees etc. Locating the business at the perfect and right location can be easy with the help of best business assignment help offered by BookMyEssay.

Various manufactured goods and services need customers for proper sales. The reach of the customer is also a very important factor for the location of a place. It should be at such a place from where every type of customer can reach easily. Every city has a business center at its heart. This is due to the fact that every person living in the city can reach there easily. All major businesses are located there like garments, furniture, household items and various other items we need. So, a city’s heart is the main location for setting up retail showrooms for the products and services.

When it comes to the location decision of an industry setup, every organization keeps in mind the environmental factors. As every industry, while manufacturing their products, emit some harmful pollutants in the atmosphere they need to be set up in areas far from residential sites. These areas should have a green belt which will absorb most of the pollutants emitted by the factory so they do not pose any hazard to the environment. They should follow the emission norms fixed by the pollution control authority of the concerned area.

In the hotel industry, most of the hotels are set up in very beautiful areas where maximum people reach for their vacations or other recreational needs. These hotels are mostly located in hilly areas in natural surroundings. These hotels should not disturb the ecosystem of that area by their activities. They have to get clearance from the concerned authority that they will not cause any harm to the surroundings by their activities like construction material dump, garbage disposal, and various other activities.

Most of the requirements which any organization needs for the location decisions are as follows:

1)Space: In a manufacturing industry, a large space is needed to set up the machinery, assembly line, packing and transportation operations etc. So, space is a major factor in the location of any manufacturing unit.

2)Parking: The parking problem is for both employees and the customers. Customers want to visit those places which have ample parking space and they do not have to search for it on the expense of their fuel consumption.

3)Market study: The business experts have to study where we have maximum customer output. Locating that suitable area is very important.

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