Why are the Minions so cool?

Posted by Newclothing on September 25th, 2017

Minion fans rejoice! Minions t shirts online have just gotten stupendous with the exclusive collection available at Voxpop. Fashionable, high quality fabric, rare artwork (that’s regularly updated), comfortable fit, unbelievable prices, easy online shopping— think of any aspect and there’s undoubtedly a big check before it. Minions have stolen millions of hearts all around the world. Hence, it’s only fair that you honor their cuteness with a worthy tee or two. But Minions aren't only known for their loveable looks, there’s a lot more to them that you might think. Here are some of the reasons they’re the best animated characters ever and why you should buy lots and lots of Minions t shirts for yourself.

Minions know how to have fun  

Have you ever seen a mundane looking Minion? No? Neither have we. This is because Minions are the epitome of fun. They know how to brighten up any crestfallen day. In fact, just a passing glance at them can turn a dour mood into instant happiness. They’re that adorable! This is why Minions are so popular in the world of Graphic Tees. They add the all-important element of joy that everyone needs in their daily lives. Minions t shirts for men are your one definitive gateway to funville.

Minions are super smart

It’s so easy to get obsessed with the cuteness of Minions hat we often tend to overlook their other characteristics. One of which is how smart they are. Yes, of course, they fumble and flounder all the time but that doesn't take away the fact that when called for, Minions are quick to think on their feet. Now wouldn't we all want to be as quick-witted and also be blessed with good looks just like the Minions?

Minions are multi-talented

Anyone who has watched Despicable Me know how Gru’s little helpers are all about the house— some cleaning, some cooking, some babysitting the youngest kid Agnes, some building awesome weapons to beat the enemy, some singing like a rockstar etc. These little creatures can do just about anything they’re told to. Minions t shirts online also come with awesome graphic prints that show Gru’s henchmen busy living the cool Minion life.

Minions are multi-lingual

Never underestimate a Minion by their sheer size. Not only are they multi-talented they’re also experts when it comes to language skills. “Ikot tara”, “Chasy”, “Bananonina”, “Bakayarou”, Me want banana”, “Poopaye”, “Gelato”, “Bee do bee do”, “Luk at tu”, “Po ka” — these are some of the words you might have heard often from the Minions Merchandise T-Shirts. But have you dismissed them as nonsensical jibber-jabber? If you have, then here’s a little news flash that might make you appreciate the Minion’s language a little more. The Minions speak a mix of Italian, French, Spanish, English and a unique food language! How’s that for being awesomeness!

Minions are the loyalist

Minions are always on the lookout for a leader to follow and once they find’em, they stand by their mentor’s side through thick and thin. Just ask Gru and his family about it. They are the ultimate BFFs that you’ll ever find in your entire life.

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