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Posted by dwspriyanka on April 30th, 2011

Windows refers to operating systems that are produced by Microsoft Corporation. They are known to have excellent graphical user interfaces (GUI). Also to a very large extent, they are very famous with almost 90% of computer users round the globe using Windows.  It first came to the market in the year 1985 and it was referred to as Microsoft Dos. It largely managed to beat Mac Os that had entered the market earlier on.  Windows has produced a large number of series and versions. The major products of windows are windows server and Windows client. When it comes to web hosting they have managed to come up with a number of products which include Windows 2000, windows 2008 among other.

There are only two types of web hosting operating systems.  These OS are based on Linux and Windows. there are a number of differences that exists between the two. One major difference is that one of them is open source and Microsoft Company develops the other. With windows web hosting you can run on a number of platforms that are made by Microsoft these include products such as ASP, .net, MySQL and even share point.  They also run on third party platforms such as PHP, Flash and even JAVA among other third party platforms.

Windows web hosting has the feature of email accounts.  They support POP3 accounts. They also support web mail and mailing lists. You also have the opportunity of having automatic responders and an option for mail forwarding.

It also has a control panel. This is what web hosting companies provide to aid in monitoring and maintenance of the website.  You also get the chance of managing the different email accounts. This is what helps enrich the user ability of the website.  It helps control the various aspects of your website.

Good support technically. Windows offers professional support for your companies. They will help you identify any problem you may be experiencing at any time of the day. Their support comes in different circumstances in a variety you can contact them by email or even through tickets and phones support.

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