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Posted by dwspriyanka on April 30th, 2011

If you have sent some time on the internet trying to look for a company to do your web hosting, chances are high that you have encountered Linux web servers and windows web servers. You must have come to the realization that when it comes to web hosting we have two camps one being windows web hosting and the other Linux. A number of differences exist between the two.  The first thing that needs to be mentioned before the discussion proceeds further is to mention that both of them are very used extensively. The following article will try looking at the differences that exists.
The first difference is on usability. Owing to its graphics user interface, windows are much easier to use as opposed to Linux web hosting. Thus, Apache servers that are based on Linux are harder to use and they are not suitable for beginners. If you want shared web hosting plans the mode of interaction are based on the control panel such as cPanel or even better plesk.

Another difference exists on matter pertaining security. Windows web hosting servers that are called IIS have and advanced security system. This security system is far much better than Apache Linux based.  However, IIS is more vulnerable to bugs unlike Apache owing to it being open source, fixation of bugs is much easier and faster. They also tend to release new versions every other time at a faster rate thus the problems are fixed much faster.

Third difference comes in efficiency. The performance of windows web hosting IIS are a notch higher that are much better than Apache. For pages that are static the performance of both of the pages are the same.

When it comes to hardware requirements both the platforms have similar requirement.  As an administrator, you do not need to run other programs as they function well with windows.

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