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Posted by Julia Madison on September 26th, 2017

Have you ever thought what high employee engagement rates, long-term customer loyalty, and positive brand perception have in common?

They all are the vector sum of outstanding leadership and competent management: one that guides employees through periods of doubt and uncertainty, inspires to take risks, improves productivity standards, reduces operation costs, supports regulatory compliance, and fosters satisfaction.

But managing a team efficiently these days is a tough nut to crack. Especially when the challenges are stacking up, such as ever-evolving technology, multi-generational workforces, and remote employees.

Why Workforce Management?

In today’s increasingly intricate and involved workplaces, managing a workforce of any size calls for incorporating techniques such as laying tight controls and policies to utilize time and improve overall potency.

One should have the right solution in place in order to track time, absences and accurately schedule their labor. Keeping this idea in mind, Oracle has come up with a workforce management software solution that allows a business hierarchy to forecast labor and workload demands, track adherence to schedules and productivity, define and assign schedules to procure business objectives, capture work hours, absences and other labor data, and abide by labor laws and pay rules.

Integration with Peoplesoft workforce management

As there is an immense gap between planned and actual labor costs, one must make an effort to tune their human capital operations based on real-time business needs. As an answer to this challenge and to help various organization to gain an edge, SaaS enrollment management solution has been integrated with ERP platforms such as Oracle PeopleSoft, with a promise to offer strategic, timely information, focused on the time and labor management process for managers and HR decision-makers. This application empowers organizations to effectively manage labor costs and policy rules in real-time.

Its key attributes:

Time and attendance: From tracking employee work hours and wages paid, such system automates the payroll processing.

Planning and scheduling: With this system in place, one can effectively schedule labor according to respective demands which thereby amplifies productivity levels in the work premises. It also helps to alleviate compliance risks as the rules and policies can be consistently automated.

Absence and leave management: Its manages leave requests while maintaining the inherent production demands. Also, one can administer leaves, probation periods, and balance rules at the same time.

Other benefits: Fostering Human Resource administration and performance management, this software helps you to determine and recognize regular employees too.

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