5 Effective Ways To Make Your Automobile Event More Interesting

Posted by Sakura Events on September 26th, 2017

5 Effective Ways To Make Your Automobile Event More Interesting

An auto show/ motor show or car show, is automobile event or public exhibition of current automobile models, debuts, display, concept cars, or out-of-production classics. It is usually attended by automotive industry representatives, dealers, auto journalists and car enthusiasts. Most automobile events in India occur once or twice a year. These events are important to car manufacturers and local dealers as a public relations exercise because they advertise new products and promote auto brands.

We all know that technology is essential to making any event to be successful. But when it comes to making an automobile event truly stand out you should go beyond the technology. There are thousands of events planned every year, so how can you make yours memorable? Here is a short list of ways to make an event stand out by the event organisers and help you leave a lasting impression on your audience:

    • 1. Build a strategic layout The first impression you are going to make on your guests is with the layout and theme of the venue. Your guests are going to be judging your event based on the set up. A scenic design with an impactful theme that establishes your brand will go a long way toward making them remember your event after they have gone home.
    • 2. Do not let presentations take center stage Good presentations about the automobile features and high quality video are important in any automobile events, but they are much more effective when event management services are there to support the person doing the presentation. It is important to never let the technology distract the audience from the presenter.
    • 3. Use social media to your advantage It is becoming important for any event organisers. So, first find out your target audience. Create a memorable hashtag that people can use to refer to your event. Create a Facebook page and promote the event. You can even tweet and retweet about your event. You can also go in for email marketing.
    • 4. Graphics and branding Use should more images to make your presentation interesting and engaging, but remember to stay on theme. Synchronized branding will help you to reinforce. You can design an infographic and attract the audience, can print the event on door-hangers and place them on doorknobs in your area.
    • 5. Pay attention to the bigger picture Whether you are planning an automobile event in India on your own or working with an event management services company, you want to make sure that all aspects of your event are well coordinated and connected. Creating apredominant theme will help you avoid confusing your audience while also making your event more memorable.

With the right help of a reputed event organiser for automobile events in India, you can be sure your next event will be one to remember as the planning team supports leading automobile brands with consultation, budgeting and event scope related activities.

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