User-Friendly Interlinking- One of the Best Ways to Improve SEO

Posted by Albert Lee on September 26th, 2017

You might have always heard that backlinks are an important thing to generate traffic for your website. There is another important thing that can help you to do the same task, and that is ‘User-friendly Interlinking.' Interlinking is a major component to optimise your SEO.

Benefits of interlinking


There is an ample number of benefits of including interlinks for your SEO. Some of the benefits are given as follows:

•    Interlinks make use of text keywords that is helpful in aiding user content.

•    Interlinks are useful for opening pathways to those pages that are less accessed and that are not listed on the top pages of search engines.

•    With the help of interlinks, you can promote campaigns by featuring and highlighting links that can take you to the next page or content.

•    Interlinks are also used to organise your web pages category wise according to the type of keywords and links used in the content.

•    Interlinks are utilized for the passage of ‘link juice between the different web pages available on the search engines.

•    Interlinks are helpful in improving user navigation and interaction.

Link placement


Link placement is another major factor that needs to be considered when you include links to your web page. So let us discuss the link placements and its relevancy

Relevancy of links


You should optimize all your text and titles that will reflect the topic of the page that you will be linked to when you click on a link. If you place irrelevant links, then your page can go into the list of spam. So be careful while you include the keywords and texts for your links.

Hyperlinks positioning


The positioning of internal links on a page is a major factor. Usually, all the internal links are placed on your homepage in a drop-down menu. If you place your links at the end of the contents, then it will be a wiser way to make your customers interact with the website. This is a positive factor which will help in affecting the page rank.

Not follow linking


You can include a ’No follow’ link in your links if you don’t want your link juice to be counted by the search engine that is flowing through some particular web page. These links are usually used to protect your contents from penalties and spam’s.

Content links


If you place a link in your content, then it serves as a resource for the users to gather more data and information. The readers can stop at their place and can also switch on to the next page using the links to collect some relevant data that is useful for them. You can also highlight your content links in order to make the links more visible in front of your targeted customers. But you have to be careful that you only include relevant links on your web page because any irrelevant link in your context may be a disrupting factor for your web page.



Link building is something significant for your SEO. Backlinks are still the rulers in the world of SEO, but their effects and results can be emphasized by adding on some interlinks to your web page.

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