Publishing Your Own Book ? Simplified

Posted by benjamincora00 on September 27th, 2017

After having put hours of hard work and experience into your manuscript, it gets suffocating when rejections over a publisher’s name stop you from achieving the dream being read by many, in the masses. It is easier to finish off writing, but to find a publisher is a task too tricky and can transform a simple writer into business technician if he/she attempts in simply fending for one’s own self and self-publishing the resilient content put down after a lot of toil.

Traditionally, it takes up to 18 months of time from having found an interested publisher who will then verify and authenticate your manuscript, to be prepared for publishing in the market. In that period of time, the publisher may well back out completely and abandon your property mid-way. It is hence more fruitful to secure your own accord with the help of experienced publishing professionals and eliminate the financial risk by considering co-publishing.

If you have it in you to pull it up by yourself, self-publishing may work for you as well.

Self-Publish your work – in the best way

How can you publish your own book? The question is confusing but popular for many reasons. To list out in simplified terms, you need to run yourself through a checklist in order to be ready for self-publishing your work; it may be a tiring exercise!

1 – Writing
Writing a book takes lots of hard work and time and you could spend anywhere from 4 to 12 hours a day writing, for a period of a several months to a year. If you're serious about writing, allocate a significant portion of the day in order to brainstorm, write, and revise.

2 - Proofing
Make sure that it is complete, well-edited, and thoroughly proofread. You might give a manuscript out to a few trusted friends who will give you valuable feedback, and talk with you about facts, or motivations for the characters, or other details of your book

3 – Designing
Unless you are an artist and can do it yourself, hire a professional. They will be quick, and will help your book have visual appeal. Work well on the back cover as it forms the spine basis for the best presentation on the book shelves in a book store.

4 – Copywriting
Copyright your work by submitting it to the copyrights office and acquiring a 13 digit ISBN number. Note that ISBNs can be bought in bundles and independently directly from ISBN (a single ISBN costs around 5 but is cheaper if bought in bundles together)

For each format your book will be in, you will need an ISBN.

Finally shop around and get quotations from printers to get quality prints or go for an e-book release, where e-book publishers such as Kindle allows the author keep as much as 70% of the total revenue.

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