Retirement Homes in Shanghai Points Out Common Senior Health Problems

Posted by jennifertay on September 27th, 2017

As one reaches senior hood or ages, the immunity levels start to diminish. This makes them vulnerable to diseases and physical injuries which range from being normal to deadly ones. Retirement home in Shanghai - being experienced in elderly home care, enumerate common disease which can be avoided to keep seniors safe, protected and measures to adhere to it.

Hearing loss - With age the reflexes of senses become weak and one such sensory loss is impairment in hearing. This can turn out to be a big problem. Once detected, hearing devices can be of great help.

Heart disease – have a high risk for seniors. Proper medications can help and timely checkup can give accurate reports. Lifestyles also have a great influence here, so retirement home in Shanghai tries to make the overall lifestyle for seniors as healthy as possible.

Pneumonia, Influenza, flu, and cold – are very common diseases among seniors. Developing cold is the earliest reasons for all the four health issues. These why maximum care has been taken at a retirement home to keep the retirement home warm and cozy. Hygiene and sanitation are next on our priority, which is effectively taken care about.

Osteoporosis - Older women are more prone this disease, which is a chronic weakening of the bones and cause them to break. Having a check on the medication and diet can help in curing the diseases to a greater extent. At a retirement home in Shanghai, we make it point to keep a check on these issues.

Depression –aging, and lack of activities can cause depression for elderly. Therefore retirement home provides variety of activities to keep seniors busy by arranging:

  • Community dinners twice a week.
  • Skill classes, so that seniors can hone and participate in hobbies they like.
  • To keep seniors fit, a retirement home has facilities of gyming and exercising routinely.
  • Movies can be watched on Friday.
  • Discussions sessions to increase group activity and interaction.

Fall injuries - have a great toll on seniors. Therefore retirement home in Shanghai believes in precautionary measures. Steps to avoid any possible fall injuries include:

ü Making the movement around the retirement homes easy. A simple installation of grab bars and handrails at various positions can help seniors walk with support.

ü Additional changes like raising the toilet seats and lowering the bed height are a possible good way to reduce the falling injuries.

ü Beds alarms can be used, in case of any disabled seniors getups without assistance.

ü Hips injuries are direct consequences of falling, which be prevented by using hip pads.

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