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As kids, climbing the monkey bars was amongst our favorite activities on the playground. As adults, chin up bars have replaced the monkey bars, but this time, it is for fitness rather than for fun. But who says fitness cannot be fun? No doubt chin-up-bar exercises are great for resistance training, but correct attitude and some exciting variations can make them a fun and enjoyable workout. So what exercises can be performed with chin-up-bars? As a fitness freak, this question might often pop up in our minds. Well, here’s the answer: chin-up-bars are extremely versatile, and there are plenty of abs and core exercises that can be performed with chin-up-bars for directly working up the midsection.

Here are some exercises:

Knee Raises

Hang from the bar, with arms stretched and palms facing away from you. Slightly press the shoulder blades together in such a way that your chest is raised and pushed forward and activate the core by pulling the belly button inwards or 'gently' contracting the abdomen. Bend the knees and raise them as high as possible, moving them towards your chest. Try to avoid swinging on the bar as much as possible. Perform this exercise with 10-20 repetitions, and you will start feeling the difference.

Oblique Knee Raises

This exercise is similar to knee raises; the only difference is that here you have to move your knees towards either side of your shoulder rather than bringing them straight towards your chest.

Leg Raises

This is again similar to knee raise exercise, except in this case instead of bending your knees and pulling them upward, you pull your legs straight upward. For those who have back problems, be careful while performing this exercise.

Gorilla Chin

This exercise works the biceps and back muscles along with the core. Just hang from the bar facing the palms towards you and position your feet behind you do a chin-up. After several repetitions, you will notice that you have worked up your back muscles, biceps, hip muscles, and core. It is truly a multi-joint movement and usually the best exercise to develop functional strength for sports.

Windscreen Wipers

This exercise can be a little risky, so be careful. All you have to do is just hang from the bar with palms facing away. Pull your feet up to the height of the bar. Move your feet to the right by rotating your core and then to the opposite side. Repeat this movement 10-20 times.

For those who thought that chin-up-bar equipment is only for men, it's high time you changed your thinking. Being a multi-functional sports tool, chin-up-bars are suitable for all ages and genders. So next time if you get confused about what exercises to perform with your chin-up-bar, just remember that even if you can do simple chin-ups and pull-ups with it, consider yourself in great shape as both chin-ups and pull-ups require great stamina, flexibility, and a huge amount of strength.

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