Top Photography Tips for Absolute Amateurs

Posted by AAFT School of Cinema on September 27th, 2017

The word 'photography' has 11 letters, but is worth a million words. For any person who aspires to be a photographer has to have a third eye – an eye that has the ability to see the world with a different perspective, a different motive. There are abundant photography courses in India that will educate you on the creative facet of the art as well as the technical part involving the professional gear and gadget used in the process.

Photography may seem as easy as walk in the park, but in true sense it requires formal training to enhance the creativity and composition skills. Students who are interested in creating moving and static images can find short term courses and diploma courses in photography at the reputed filmmaking schools. Each of these programs help you specialize in video photography for film and television production, or still photography.

Practicing photography invokes your thought process. It is like watching an ocean daily and discovering something new every time. With every enthusiast exploring new dimensions in the world of photography the field has become very competitive. This implies that there are chances that your ideas may clash, but the thumb rule is "first come first served". Whoever sells the idea first, will lead the race.

Every shoot is different and exciting in some way which allows the photographers to just capture the realism and true mood of a subject in their unique expressive ways. Photography courses in Delhi emphasize on individual artistic expression. These focus on teaching technical and artistic skills to begin their careers as professional artists, multimedia specialists and editorial or commercial photographers.

The current job market is flooded with media arts graduates, leading to tough competition and hence low starting salaries. Interestingly, photography is still the best-paid of the other art majors, and the need for freelance or self-employed professionals has been on a steady rise. The digital era has created plenty of opportunities for the new-age photographers to showcase their talent and best work.

Here are few tips and techniques to excel as a Creative Photographer which might not be covered under photography courses.

  • Shoot every possible day (practice makes perfect)
  • Framing
  • Light
  • All the minimal details of a camera (includes aperture, shutter speed, focal length, ISO)
  • Shoot with your mind and not your camera
  • Be a part of any good photographic community
  • Keep it simple
  • Do not get bogged down by equipment
  • Perspective
  • Rule of third
  • Exposure
  • Variation
  • Be patient and preserve (you never know which photograph of yours wins an award)
  • Break the technical rule when needed
  • Use grid lines you balance your shoot
  • Embrace negative space
  • Do not forget to play with Reflections
  • Capture small details using natural light
  • Create abstracts
  • Take candid
  • Do not afraid to edit
  • Art of editing a photograph is must


In conclusion, one of the most important things that needs to be paid attention to is “Buy Books, Not Gear". A picture is taken by a camera but instructed by your mind. If you are talented and can shoot well, all you need is a disposable camera or a camera phone to create great work.

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