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Holliston is a township inMassachusetts which is situated in the Boston Region of New England province of United States and which is the portion of county which comes under the region called Metro west.Holliston MA includes the area of 48.5 square kilometer of land and 0.9 square kilometer of Water that is 1.73 percentage of total region is covered by the water. Charles River is the nearby river which passes through the southern region of Holliston MA.According to censes taken in the year 2010, the population of the town is around 13, 500 that is the population density of the region is 738 people per one square mile.

The per capita income of the town is around 32,116 Dollars according to censes taken in the year 2000. There is no public transport system used by the local people to get to work. Government of Holliston MA is a form of Open town meeting which remains in its original form from its ancient period.Many cities have leapt into their reality due to some situations and the success of the Holliston is purely due to people’s genius, which makes the visitors to feel heaven and proud and increases their excited desire to share their good times.For education the town has one public school which works for the students of KG to the twelfth standard.

Holliston MA was once the country’s largest producer of Shoes but due to some problems although many shoe factories were lost and still an only one company remains which is named as Goodwill Shoe Company. And the places must be watched in the town is Casey’s Crossing, Fatima Shrine, Lake Winthrop, Fiske’s General store, Upper Charles River Trail, Apollo 14 Moon Tree and the Arch Bridge.

Memorial Day parade, The Holiday Stroll, summer concerts are some of the annual events of the Holliston County besides these there is one another important place that is Holliston’s Balancing Rock, it is the important historic place of the town, that is George Washington once travelled across the balancing rocks he tried to push that rock to the ground but he didn’t, which is said by himself in his book. When we see the history of the town, Holliston was first established in the year 1659 by Massachusetts Bay Puritans and later the town was integrated on 3rd December of 1734 with the asset of western part of Sherborn as a town for which they obtained the approval by the General Court Petition which requests the same.

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