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Posted by Maggie on September 28th, 2017

If you want to get rewards Barrelchest anchor, Blessed lamp and prayer book, 6000 Prayer XP, 2000 Construction XP, and 3000 Crafting XP.Please follow Runescape 2007 Cabin Fever Quest Guide on rsorder. This quest is for member players experienced. If you need gp, you can buy Cheap runescape 07 gold from us.

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1 Reach Port Phasmatys

2 Talk to Bill Teach,Accpet quest about helping him to escape the port alive. Once the quest starts. Another pirate ship is attacking you and you must stop them!

3 Sabotage Another pirate must swing over to the other ship and disable their cannon. Open up the gun supplies chest and take a fuse then open the repair supplies chest and take a coil of rope. Also don't forget to grab a tinderbox while you are below deck. Now go above deck and climb up a rope ladder to the mast. Use your rope with some of the "hoisted sails" and your character will swing across to the other ship.

4 Fixing the leaks. Go below deck and take out a hammer, three sets of planks, 30 tacks, and three swamp pastes. Use the planks with the holes then smear swamp paste on to seal them up. Congratulations you now have a water-tight ship!

5 Pirate plunder pirate ship. You should swing over to the pirate ship again. Plunder the chest, loot the crate, and pillage the barrel you should now have six pieces of plunder. Go back to your ship and store them in your "Plunder Chest." Now go back to their ship again and repeat this process. Once you deposit ten pieces of plunder the chest will be full.

6 Cannon pirate ship. Go below deck again and take out a fuse, a ramrod, and a canister. Go above deck and take some gunpowder out of the powder barrel. When you load the cannon make sure you load it properly or it will explode and you will have to repair it again. The sequence goes: Repair -> Gunpowder -> Ramrod -> Canister/Cannon Ball -> Fuse -> Fire!

7 Fire the cannon with cannonballs until you put three holes in the enemy's ship.Quest complete!

Please note: your Required Skills: 40 Ranged, 42 Agility, 45 Crafting, 50 Smithing. If your level is not enough, it is best to use Cheap OSRS Gold to quickly upgrade these skills.
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