A Simple Walkthrough of a Porfolio Builder

Posted by adairsawyer on May 7th, 2011

Have you ever used a resume builder (or portfolio builder, as it is otherwise known)? If not, you should really try it. It is the simplest and easiest way of making a resume that stands out in the sea of thousands  all over the world without having to leave your couch. Here is a very simply guide on what you can expect it to do for you and for your career. It is practically guaranteed that you will be raring to sign up for it as soon as you have finished reading this.

First of all, before you start using the resume builder or the portfolio builder you need to make sure that all your pertinent work and education related details are right on hand. Using a resume builder or a portfolio builder is like a step by step approach to finally creating a really smart-looking resume, but you also have to be the one to supply it with the contents that your potential employers will end up looking at. Scan through old hard copies and soft copies of your current resume, updating as you go until you have a final list of what you want to go into the resume file.

First, you will most likely be asked to create an account with which you will use to sign in every time you make and update your resumes using the resume builder or the portfolio builder. As soon as you have finished with the sign up process, access your account and follow the simple instructions on how you want your resume to look. Since the site follows a step by step routine, you will not get lost in the construction process and will be sure to get all the information you want and need right on it. You can start by filling in all the information you want per section.

A resume builder or a portfolio builder will have several organized sections that are usually included in most resumes, but you also have the option to only include the ones that you really like or the ones that you only prefer to show. For example, some people prefer not to add a fully detailed section on their education, only preferring to add the college and graduate level work and skip high school. Whatever it is that you want, customization is very important. All you need to do is to follow the cue boxes to know if you are going to input info for a specific section here.

You also have the option to switch the order of your various resume sections in the resume builder. For example, if you want your work experience to go at the very top then the portfolio builder will allow you to do that care of the drag and drop function. You need not highlight or copy paste anything like you would on Word or other editing document because you can rearrange the entire thing by groups of content, which really makes things easy. And finally, you can export your work to Microsoft Word or PDF document for easy emailing to employers!

Still not using a resume builder or a portfolio builder to make better-looking resumes? You are certainly missing out, for these will transform any old resume into something that really stands out.

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