Who would buy a real human skull, and why?

Posted by swapna madhuri on September 28th, 2017

The sale of any parts of a human skeleton can be an emotive subject, and quite rightly so as, after all, they are human remains, with emphasis being placed on the word human. When it comes to a real human skull, then you also start to get more personal. The skull holds a morbid curiosity in a way that a flesh-covered cadaver can’t. Where all other bones in the human body are relatively unremarkable, the skull encapsulates and differentiates the human form and is easily recognizable. Place any bone other than the skull on a table and ask someone to say whether it is a human or animal bone, and unless they are a qualified osteopath or other medical practitioner, chances are they will be guessing.

The skull also has an almost mythical presence, a combination of fantasy and reality wrapped up in one. A real human skull for sale is not like any other commodity. It once contained the brain of someone, its sockets contained that person’s eyes, it’s mandibles the mouth through which that person spoke. The problem is, and particularly with older skulls, you can only guess at what that person thought about, what they saw and what they said. That is the catch, another clue to why a real human skull has so much more appeal than a human skull model.

As for those who use real human skulls in their daily lives, the major proportion belongs to the scientific community. Of huge interest to anthropologists, archaeologists, skulls are also giving up even more secrets as science advances. Today it is possible to extract DNA from bodies, and especially teeth, such as a 5,000-year-old skeleton. The majority of skulls used in scientific research are discovered as opposed to bought, but many of the scientists have real human skulls at home as a legacy of earlier skull anatomy studies, skulls they bought themselves.

For artists and writers alike, a real human skull or human skeleton can be a huge source of inspiration. Many crime writers like to provide intricate details on human anatomy; artists derive inspiration from reality and mystery. Damien Hurst’s diamond-encrusted skull, For the Love of God, which sold for US0 million was inspired by bejeweled Aztec skulls.

 As with people who collect stamps or coins, so others collect skulls, and it helps if you know where to buy real human skulls. One of the largest private collections of skulls belongs to the American, Ryan Cohn, which contains over 200 specimens. There again, there are others who, when they see a buy a real human skull, will impulse buy on the basis that if nothing else, they are buying a great conversation piece. A real skull offers so much more that a skull replica can’t.

If you are now thinking you would like to buy a real human skull, then your next question is probably going to be “How much?” followed by “Where?”. Depending on the type of skull you are looking for, you can pay anywhere between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. Surprisingly, despite their rarity as items for sale, real human skulls are not as expensive as you might have imagined. As for where you can find one, well ask any collector and they will tell you they can be found in the most bizarre of places. However, if you don’t want to spend the next six months scouring the classified ads or local yard sales, you can also buy real human skulls online from businesses such as The Copper Hammer, which carries a very unique assortment human skulls, bones, and skeletons. 

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