Why Islam Emphasis On Marriage

Posted by BetiPk on September 28th, 2017

Marriage is something that is thrive of every individual who is at the age of getting marry, which is in fact natural because once in a life a girl or boy must go through to the phase when he or she needs to get marry. Although, according to rules and regulations in Islam this has been ordered to get marry at an early age. But the new generation arises question that why i get marry so early? Marriage at an early age give you a lot of benefits in accordance with Islam.

Islam tells us to marry early after the age of puberty when a girl or boy become enough mature to manage the relationship. Islam also ordered us to marry in a simple way but unfortunately we are not following these instructions. Marriage was so simple back in time. Companionship, economic stability, acceptance of society, all was expected from marriage. that was the time when marriages lasted for the lifetime.

Time has changed... struggle of modern marriage... people evolved, but evolution in marriage did no good. To make the most beautiful relation of life, a person and his/ her family survive. Marriage has become complicated and difficult. But why did it happen? Marriage is supposed to be a union of two people and their families. So why modern marriage is so hard? there are some reasons. Marriage in islam has been romanticized to a great extent. Every person looks for emotional attachment with their partner. But they also search  for person's looks, economic stability, societal acceptance and all such kind of traditional factors. By having such a rise in expectations how a person find a life partner with all the required qualities?

Islam ties a man a woman in a lifetime relationship - Nikah, and make incomplete human being to be complete. Marriage gives a person an organized enviroment and after getting marry a person have a path to follow, a shoulder to lean on. In short, by making the marriage essential part of muslim's life, marriage actually arranges a person's life.

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