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Runescape 2007 Contact Quest Guide is Master difficulty quest.Make sure you're well prepared; if you rs 2007 gold die during the fight, your stuff vanishes, and there is no way to reclaim it! Make sure you are well prepared (60 range, 60 str/att/def or 60 mage) before beginning the quest. just a little insight into the depth of how many different areas in the game this change impacted! Who knew you could churn milk?! There is no "Make All" option here because it didn't exist in the game previously. We have however updated the inferface for all of the avid cheese lovers out there!You can expect to see Make-All and the other improvements coming to the game in a few weeks!

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Items Recommended
Food, Lit Lantern, 1x Tinderbox
Skills: A high Hitpoints level, A high combat level
Quests: None.
Items: Anti-poison potions, Coins for Carpet Rides, Dragonhide or Proselyte Armour, Food such as Sharks or Monkfish, Prayer Potions, Shantay Passes

1 Speak to the High Priest of Icthlarin. Accpet this quest, and he will tell you how to getin contact with their sister city of Menaphos. You need to pay 250 coins to the guard for a torch and a tinderbox.

2 Use Protect from Magic and keep auto-retaliate off. There are so many various types of traps. You should generally be avoided or bypassed: Floor trap - Spikes,Wall trap, Crusher Blocks,Sand pits,Scarab trap. Please note these Traps are very dangerous. It is best not to bring any valuables in case of death.

3 Climb-down Ladder,you need eat some food to restore your life value.

4 You will also encounter Scarab mages, Scarab swarms, and Locust riders. You use Prayer against these foes, and eat some food. Quickly ran over. Find a ladder and Climb-up Ladder.

5 Search Kaleef's body. Just follow the passage around until you come to the corpse of Kaleef. Search the corpse to get his notes, and read it afterwards.

6 Walk west and find Maisa. Tell her you have helped rescue Prince Ali, who was being held in Draynor Village, and that Leela assisted you. She will then trust you and tell you to speak to Osman, Spy Master of Al Kharid.

7 Wear ring of dueling, go north of the palace and speak to Osman. Try and convince him to come to Sophanem personally. Osman will then appear just outside the gates of Sophanem.

8 Prepare enough Food for The final battle. Super potion sets or Iban Blast and Ice Rush. the monsters hit 20+, and the scarab is very difficult to hit. Travel into the cave and fight the level 191 Giant scarab, Atrack Giant scarab(level-191).

9 Defeat the scarab,take the Keris blade on the floor, and then teleports away.Go back to the High Priest.He will confirm that Maisa was successful and reward you 1 Quest Quest point

7,000 Thieving-icon Thieving experience
Combat lamp giving two wishes granting 7,000 experience to Attack-icon Attack, Strength-icon Strength, Defence-icon Defence, Hitpoints-icon Hitpoints, Ranged-icon Ranged, or Magic-icon Magic,If you need some Cheap OSRS Gold to buy food, purchase gp from us, 2-3 minutes delivery and 24/7 service.
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