What Exactly is Application Security Testing

Posted by alvina12 on September 29th, 2017

It is common knowledge that we, as a generation, use our computers for thousands of reasons. The invention of the internet has made our lives easier, enabling us to shop for groceries, bank, research life hacks, and many others. With positives comes the negative, the internet has also made it easier for criminals, specifically when it comes to identity theft. Which is why securing our home and work computers is especially important. This article is about the importance of testing your applications. If you wish to read about the importance of having security applications, please check out our other article “The Importance of Security Application.”

So, what is a security application? Essentially it is another term for security software, protecting against things like malware and hacking applications. Designed specifically to protect both the software/hardware, from any negative third parties, the “security application” is used for ensuring the program is working correctly. This can come under a myriad of items, such as maintenance, ongoing work to improve such applications, and overall making sure the security system is working at its best at all times. This means you will be able to surf, download, and stumble across the webosphere without any concern.

Application security testing is exactly how it sounds; it is a way to make sure your security is working as it should be. If you are unable to test your security yourself (e.g. using a third party programme) it is integral to the working of your computer, pc/laptop that you contact a third party to test it for you. As they are able to check the security, programme, and applications are working as they say they are. Researching companies is also important, especially if they are affiliated with certain security software. Which leads us onto our next section.

Automated Static Analysis (ASA) sounds a lot more intimidating than it actually is. ASA is something that is actually integrated into the security application and is run without much attention from the user or purchaser. Static analysis is a tool that reads code, used to search and address any foreign code that could be attacking your security software. It is integral to tackling blocked software and recognising foreign code in your computer. A good way to describe Automated Static Analysis is to think of a firewall, which is used to block oncoming viruses; ASA is used to recognise/illuminate attacks behind and in front of the wall. Security software is good, but making sure that you have a full and authentic security application is even better. Making sure if you have a battle with malware, you’re going in with a shield, sword and intelligence on your side.

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