Advantages of Using Gait Belt and How it Works For Patient Mobility

Posted by medtrica on September 29th, 2017

A gait belt is important for patients who need assistance with getting out from a sitting position and into a standing spot. It works with a strong setup that is not hard to use. It especially does well for people who are looking to restore their mobility and need a bit of extra help with managing their walking motions.

What Does It Do?

A transfer belt for patients works in that you would strap it along the body of a person who is in a chair. It gives enough pressure onto the patient’s body to make it easier for that person to stand up. This works well for those who struggle to be able to get up and work with.

How It Works

A transfer gait belt with handles works with a simple setup. It entails a few steps for fitting it around a person’s body:

  1. Place the belt around a person’s waist. Keep the buckle for the belt in the front.

  2. Thread a belt through the buckle and place the belt through the other loops to help lock it.

  3. Check on how well of a fit the belt has. The fit must be enough to where you can get your fingers under it, thus allowing for a bit of extra support for the patient.

  4. Bend your knees and lift the person with your leg muscles. Allow your arms to add a gentle bit of pressure onto the patient’s body without being too rough. Make sure your body does not twist either.

  5. Keep the belt on the patient while helping that person to move from one spot to the next. Remove the belt when you are done with moving that patient around.

This is a simple layout that is important to see. A transfer belt for patients is very easy to work with and is not too hard to use. It does not require much effort for you to lift someone on your own too.

Advantages of Such a Belt

A transfer gait belt with handles makes it easier for you to get a patient lifted up and moved around as needed. There are a few particular advantages of a belt like this to look for:

  • The setup for the handles is very flexible and easy to handle.

  • The texture of such a belt is not too hard to grab.

  • The patient will not experience a great deal of discomfort while wearing the belt.

  • The process of tightening or loosening the belt is also easy to manage.

  • It also helps patients with training their motions for getting up and walking. The added assistance that comes with the belt makes it comfortable and easy to manage.

A gait belt will be a necessity for any hospital to have. You should see how well it can be used as it ensures that a patient is lifted up properly and without harm. Feel free to try the belt on a person in your hospital to see how well it works when you are aiming to take care of someone for any need.

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