5 tips to enjoy a hassle-free home loan application.

Posted by Anurag Mishra on September 29th, 2017

Buying a home with the support of a home loan is a great idea. The EMIs you pay are as good as an investment, because after the loan tenure is done, chances are the value of your property would have appreciated significantly. But before you enjoy the benefits of your own home, there is the application process, which some find quite tedious. Documentation, approvals, choosing the typeof house loan interest, etc. can be a little confusing. This article will provide some tips that can ease your home loan journey.

Tip 1 is to keep requisite documents ready.
Often the most overlooked document is the NOC, or no objection certificate which needs to be submitted when you purchase a property. Along with this you will also require deeds of the house as specified by the lender you choose. A good tip is to take list of documents needed from your financer. This way you can be prepared, otherwise, if you miss-out on a single document you might have to start the process all over again.

Tip 2 is to evaluate your property privately& have the down payment ready.
Most leading financers will provide you up to 90% of the property’s value as a loan amount; the remaining amount is known as the down payment and will have to be paid by you. If you evaluate your property privately, you will know its value and then you can accordingly calculate the down payment you need to keep ready. When the financer sees that you’ve done your due with diligence and have the down payment ready, they’ll be more ready to provide you a loan.

Tip 3 is to apply for the right loan amount.
Based on your private evaluation you can apply for an apt amount. Thus when the lender carries out their independent evaluation and find that you’ve applied for the right loan amount, they won’t hesitate to give you the amount. But applying for the wrong loan amount will definitely result in a more complication during the application process.

Tip 4 is choosing between the types of house loan interest.
Making the right decision when it comes to house loan interest can go a long way in ensuring a smooth home loan journey. You can choose between fixed & floating interest rates, whichever suits you better. A fixed rate of interest will allow for better planning while repaying the loan but will be slightly higher than floating and is ideal if you don’t expect your salary to rise. Floating on the other hand starts of lower than a fixed interest rate but may rise or fall with market gains or losses & government policies. It’s more ideal for young borrowers who expect their salary to rise over the years.

Tip 5 is to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria.
Before applying for a loan, try and ensure you meet the eligibility criteria. You can do this by working on improving your credit, for this you will have to pay your credit card bills on time and make timely repayment of your other debts. Try and avoid erratic & late payments. You can also consider applying for a loan with a co-applicant; this will increase the chances of getting your home loan approved.

In conclusion, keep your documents & down payments ready, apply for the right loan amount & choose wisely between floating & fixed house loan interest rates and lastly, make sure you are eligible! These tips will help you enjoy a smooth home loan application process and soon you’ll have a place to you’re your own home sweet home.

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