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Posted by Colin Butler on September 29th, 2017

Nursing has been always regarded as a noble profession. In fact the major responsibility of a robust healthcare system hinges upon a healthy and responsible nursing system. Moreover, with modern healthcare system mired in insurance paperwork, the entire responsibility of care gravitates towards nurses, who substitute for doctors many times. Of course, it is the nurses who spend most of the time caring for the patient and in cases where the treatment prolongs for a considerable length of time, they become fully aware of the idiosyncrasies of the patient. They are better informed about the condition of the patient than a doctor or a relative. All hospitals are eternally indebted to an efficient and responsive nursing care to call itself a safe and responsible hospital. Nurses second as teachers, counselors, innovators, critical thinkers in addition to their primary role of a caregiver.

With most of the advanced world strictly adhering to population control measures, the geriatric demography of European and North American countries show a huge number of old and aging population who suffer from myriad of diseases and thus require nursing care. The underdeveloped economies, of course, face acute crunch of trained and registered nurses to fulfill the demand of the healthcare industry. There is thus, a huge gap in demand and supply curves.

There are specialized nursing courses that train the prospective nurses to take care of critically ill patients as well as act as caregiver to patients who are terminally ill and need palliative care. Of course, to become a successful nurse, the foremost need is to be a compassionate human being and a patient caregiver. This is the most essential prerequisite in addition to the training and experience. INSCOL aims to prepare a resource pool of competent and skillful nurses. INSCOL’s Global Nursing Program is a unique initiative to address the growing need of nurses, helping them upgrade their knowledge and skills required to face the challenges in international healthcare facilities. INSCOL offers the best global nursing programs in partnership with leading colleges of Canada.

The highly sophisticated courses include bespoke specialty nursing programs to Internationally Educated Nurses in partnership with Universities and colleges in Canada, UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand..

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