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Posted by Maggie on September 30th, 2017

This week,OSRS Plan to take some tweaks, upgrade amount of bank space for players who keep their account secure with an Authenticator and/or bank pin! If you have unlocked the Kudos,you should be concerned about this update. Besides, we offer 07 runescape gold with 24/7 online service.For those of you who love to hunt for scrolls, Jagex announced that there would be a new Master Tier of scrolls for you guys to find. There is going to be some awesome loot to get if you can find these such as the awesome looking Second Age Outfits.

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According to osrs news

If the volcanic mine is particularly stable, you'll find the amount of meteorites and earthquakes will now be much lower.Players are now able to unlock the upgraded version of the Fertile Soil spell on the lunar spellbook for the cost of 40,000 points from the Volcanic Mine. This spell requires Volcanic ash as well as the runes to cast. Players without the ash in their inventory will cast the regular Fertile Soil spell.You can now purchase a heat-proof vessel container capacity upgrade for 10,000 points from Petrified Pete.We have changed how Fragments are given within the Volcanic mine. More emphasis has been placed on mining earlier stages of the rock as people were leeching until the final stage.

We've substantially upped the chance of obtaining a fossil while mining the boulders found within the Volcanic mine.
Mining a boulder to the whirlpool in the volcanic mine will now award all players with an additional 100 points (providing they are downstairs in the mine).
We've buffed the experience in the Volcanic mine by 10%.
The Volcanic mine's shop has had many of its items reduced by ~30%.

OSRS dev team have created new custom interface on activities. This change will make your operation more convenient. Do you like this update and hurry to experience it. We will offer you Cheap Runescape 2007 Gold online.One of the coolest things that Jagex said was that they are going to be adding a bunch of new skilling off hand items. What is interesting about this is that they are doing this in the form of these Magic Relics. Each of the relics is going to have a different kind of theme such as a sacrifice theme which will deal damage to you, but at the same time give you incredible buffs! We are very interested to hear more about these Magic Relics!
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