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The system of suspension of the car is in charge of absorbing the irregularities of the terrain through which it circulates. For this, the springs and the dampers have an important role; the first to absorb the impacts of the terrain, and the second to quickly decrease the movement of the spring to ensure control of the car.

Types of Shock Absorbers

According to the portal, these are some of the types of shock absorbers that there are:

Hydraulic: They are those that consist of a piston inserted in a cylinder in which there is oil. They are simple, do not require maintenance and their ability to exert more cushioning depends on how much pressure.

Hydraulics with valves: Unlike the previous ones that consist of holes to pass the oil, where the piston has a series of valves that allow the passage of the oil under a certain pressure.

Double tube: Currently widely used, these type of shock absorbers are divided into pressurized (oil) and non-pressurized (oil and gas). Here the piston and cylinder are inside a larger chamber. The oil flows through the cylinder through the piston and also into the second chamber through a valve located therebetween.

Monotube: They have two chambers, one with oil and one with gas, and between them, there is a floating piston. The volume of the camera is variable.

Rheological: In this case, the oil has metal particles. When a magnetic current is applied, the fluid becomes thicker and hardens the suspension.

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