How to Choose Indian Wedding Invitations?

Posted by Sonal Aggarwal Jolly on October 1st, 2017

The wedding invitations set the tone for the upcoming once-in-a-lifetime event and also help the guests better prepare for the occasion. The invitations are essential for the wedding event, more-so in India. Indians pride themselves on being the best hosts and most often the luxurious and rich Indian weddings have stunning splendour and pomp. You need to put in some thought towards the invitations as well, which should better be in line with the event. Below are tips that will help you choose the right invitations for weddings.

Choosing the right colours: while the Hindu invitations are often saffron or yellow, the Muslim wedding invitations incorporate more of green. Gold is ubiquitous for either of the weddings. The invitations should be vibrant, energetic, and should reflect energy. Colours can make your invitations passionate when chosen correctly, and can also make the call dull, if not chosen correctly. Hence it is better to give some time towards choosing the best colour combination for the wedding invitation.


You would like to spend an optimal amount towards the invitation as there are many other aspects of the wedding that require great investment. Fortunately, the designer Indian wedding invitations come in many colours and outlooks, and these are also priced differently so that you can make the best price-design match.

Image of Deity

The Indian landscape population has a number of deities and gods, and some are worshipped regionally only. It is better that your wedding invitation also has the image of a  deity. The image would make the event auspicious and blessed, will affirm the identity and will also bring good fortune and prosperity. Lord “Ganesha” most often features in Indian weddings as the presiding Deity.


Short and concise invitations, with precise and adequate information, are preferred more today. As there are no extra words written, the invitations take the least of space and can also be sent easily by courier, at low costs.


Your invitation designer will provide you several fonts, from which you will have to choose one. The ornate fonts have always been preferred as they are very attractive. But as these are not highly readable, you might want a more easy-to-comprehend font.


Your invitation may have traditional or  contemporary style and design, depending on your own choice. Indians often like a  traditional outlook and hence many prefer the older religious motifs and patterns. While the traditional gold motifs are impressive, you can always go for a new design.


The Indian invitations have been traditionally decorated with the golden threads, fake stones, small mirrors (of different shapes) and other kinds of materials. If you have a nice and heavy budget, the designers can create for you an awesome and fantastic wedding invitation that is highly decorated with decorative materials. While the decorations add weight to the invitations, they also make the wedding memorable.

You will also need to focus on the stationery and print while choosing the best invitation. Give some efforts and time to make the best selection.

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