Nine reason about Why the Korean writing superior to others

Posted by John on October 1st, 2017

Hangul, also known as Hangeul, was made in 1443 by King Sejong, one of the greatest kings of the Yi Dynasty. Before Hangul, other Korean scripts used an expensive system of Chinese characters to make seams of Korean. But due to the dissimilarities between Chinese and Korean, China's characters could not adequately denote Korean language speech. Further, only the actual well-educated people could afford the time required to study write Korean and China's, so King Sejong (1397-1450) commissioned the invention of a phonetic script each more efficient and more attainable to the public.

Described as one of the most research alphabets actually devised, Hangul involves 24 characters: 14 consonants along with 10 vowels. Combinations of these alphabets represent five double consonants along with 11 diphthongs. The letters gathered in groupings of 2, 3, or maybe 4, contact form syllables and phrases. The birth associated with Hangul grades a major achievement within the history involving Korean culture since it has offered to one of the highest literacy charges in the world.

Why is the Korean writing superior to others?

1 . Hangul could be the only writing system which has birth and labor record. All of us don't know who built the character and just how it changes to modern-day form for many of the writing technique in the world. However, Hangul has a track record In Sejong Shilok (One on the Korean historic Book) that California king Sejong made 28 characters that are specific name is Hoonminjungeum (or Hangul).

2 . Hangul is a very scientific combined with the systematic character. Hangul alphabets are produced by a dual system which makes several main characters and then makes other people from that. Basic Hangul remnant made from the model of vocal body internal organs and basic Hangul vowels through the sky, earth, and people.

3. Hangul is a phonemic writing system by which maximises the use of the characters. Even though Hangul is phonemic, initial consonant, vowel, and final consonant make communication like syllable which is a very first method.

4. Hangul vowels often create same sounds. This is the reason precisely why the Korean language is relatively easier to learn for the foreigner.

5. Sound and character suit perfectly because there is no silence seems within Hangul.

6. Hangul is simply 1 feature writing system on the globe whenever we place a stack of the main persona much more strong sound and adds up. Condition collection makes the strangest sound

7. Know about write korean and how to write Chinese and down or remaining along with right is possible.

8. Simply because remnant and vowels are totally split up, we could write with just twelve keyboard characters.

9. Since the power to implement a character's audio is wonderful, it could be good ways of expression to the nations that have no character intended for writing.

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