How much is the diamond ring quality?

Posted by minibraceletstores on October 1st, 2017

Most couples have no knowledge of diamond rings before marriage. But know the diamond ring weight Unit for carat, especially, how to judge the true and false ring, the price of the diamond ring is not known. How much is the replica bvlgari men ring? How to judge the quality of the diamond ring?

Only one person in a lifetime of Bulgari diamond ring, teach you how to judge. 1, the selection of professional brand diamond ring quality is basically through the Diamond 4C standard is the color, cutting workers, net degree, weight, etc. four points to decide. Diamond brands at home and abroad are very many, but all the choice of these professional brands, diamond ring quality can be basically guaranteed. These brands are not seeking short-term benefits but long-term development and brand influence. Therefore, these brands can not be a genuine.

Of course, this does not mean that these brands have to choose the highest grade of diamonds, but that the different levels of diamond ring must be clearly indicated, and most of the price can show the difference. 2, there is a professional certificate unless professionals, very few people have the ability to firmly quality diamond ring. Choose a diamond ring must have a professional certificate, only so, can intuitive judgement diamond quality. Bulgari diamond ring, all 30 or more of the diamond Ring provides international testing certificate and domestic testing certificate. The inspection certificate will show the diamond weight, color, clarity, the material such as the withdrawal information, at a glance. Of course, the brand can win the market in addition to its certificate to guarantee, but also because of its high quality services,

3, do not pursue high prices some people say, the higher the price of diamond ring, the higher the quality. Is this true? Not。 Some brands although the diamond ring price is very high, is a luxury brand, but the quality and domestic professional brand similar. For newcomers, the diamond ring does not have to pursue high prices. High prices bring a higher economic burden. How much is the fake bvlgari ring? If you choose to have a value ring, the diamond cut is very good, and is platinum or gold diamond ring, the price is usually between 20000-85000 yuan.
Of course, the International brand diamond ring price will be higher, or even up to 200000 yuan. In fact, buying a diamond ring is not necessarily a bulgari snake ring replica. To ensure the quality of diamond ring, buy 0.3-carat diamond ring can have a good quality of the beautiful diamond ring, not to two people to create a particularly large economic pressure. 18K Platinum 30 min.

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