Cartier?s selection and wearing methods

Posted by jewelrybrand on October 1st, 2017

bracelet cartier love replica is naturally wearing a good jewelry, in order to show the noble and noble temperament vividly, the wearer’s own temperament is very important, but a high quality Cartier bracelet bracelet is one of the primary factors. Cartier bracelet selection of quality Cartier bracelet is the first step in making a bracelet, if there is no good Cartier bracelet, no matter how good craftsmen can not produce exquisite Cartier bracelet. When picking, we can choose to listen, see, touch the initial judgment Cartier bracelet quality. Listen – is to listen to Cartier bracelet bracelet and Cartier bracelet hit the sound, high quality bangle cartier replica sound crisp and sweet.

While the inferior cartier bangle replica will be issued a husky ugly voice. Bracelet look – is to see the color of the Cartier bracelet head transparency, etc., high quality Cartier bracelet color pure impurities less. Touch – is to see the Cartier bracelet is no cracks, Cartier bracelet value will be greatly reduced, good carving will be the value of its further sublimation, not rounded but oval, so when carved more trouble some. High-quality symmetry uniform, thick body thickness equal. Waxy ice kind of floating Tsui love bracelets cartier replica wear 1. Choosing the right size carefully to pick out a size fit is the first step to wear. Bracelet if the size is too large, then it will be with the arm rattle, it is easy to be hard objects bump; bracelet size is too small, then wear very difficult, then wear the arms of the process will produce discomfort, and even affect the arm blood The cycle.
In the choice of bracelet size, we have to measure the thumb to move to the little finger of the root of the length of the palm, the widest point of the palm of your hand and so on, and then according to the size of the selected bracelet. 2. Wash the palm of your hand, arms and bracelets Wash your hands or other lubricants evenly on the palm of your hand and apply more at the widest point of your palm. Lubricating fluid can reduce the friction between the palm and bracelet, reduce the pain in the process of wearing. Waxy ice species floating Tsui bracelet 3. Put the elbows on the table, hand up the natural relaxation process, the hands to relax, not stiff. Hand stiffness will cause damage to wear. 4. The bracelet in accordance with the direction of the palm of your hand into the set, jealous of brute force if the bracelet bracelet in the process of being stuck in the palm of your hand, we can not use brute force to push down the bracelet, should be around the activities of the bracelet, let the bracelet in accordance with the hand texture Set into.

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