Choosing the Right Sewer Cleaning Machine

Posted by Lori Troyer on October 3rd, 2017

Drain cleaning is a difficult job that most homeowners and business owners don’t want to have to address. When it comes up, the customer will hire (and rehire) the sewer technician that know what he’s doing and gets the job done right the first time. To do the job right, each sewer tech relies on having the proper equipment for the job.

Since the first Sewer Cleaning Machine was made, it has been a key piece of equipment in the industry. But not all machines are the same – some models are ideal for small residential lines, while others are meant for bigger jobs, such as main lines. Duracable is known for its first-rate equipment that handles a wide range of drain issues. If you are you interested in knowing which cleaning machines to buy for specific jobs, here is some general information on Duracable’s drain cleaning machines.

If you are cleaning residential plumbing lines like sinks, bathtubs, or laundry lines, Duracable’s sink machines would be the ideal choice. These are usually smaller in size but are still powerful. They are generally used for 1-¼” to 3” lines. They are also versatile and can operate in different positions. Any Duracable sewer cleaning machine also comes with at least a 2-year warranty on the frame, motor, and gearbox.

If you are dealing with roof vents and other larger residential lines or commercial drains, you should go with the sled drain cleaning machines. The sled machine is the original style, and this category is now the broadest when it comes to sizes of machines and jobs they can handle. Because of this, these machines are usually the favorite of most sewer and drain technicians. The machines that Duracable manufactures are still made in the traditional sled style, and can clean most drains. The smaller sled sewer cleaning machines can clear lines 1” to 6” in diameter (great for bigger residential jobs or light commercial work), and the bigger ones can clean 2” to 10” lines, making them perfectly fitted to bigger commercial and industrial jobs, as well as main lines.

Though the sled and sink machines can handle most types of jobs, it can sometimes be tricky to get the machine transported to wherever the cleanout is located. This is where upright machines come into play. The upright is incredibly portable, easy to get in and out of the van as well as up and down flights of stairs. These sewer cleaning machines are narrow, too – ideal for fitting through tight doorways and hallways, particularly in older homes and buildings. Duracable’s DM162 packs the power of a larger sewer cleaning machine, but it can be used to clean lines as narrow as 2” in diameter. The DM175 is recommended for the biggest jobs, such as commercial and industrial drains or main lines.

Choosing the right drain cleaning machine will save you time and money. Choosing the right manufacturer will save you peace of mind. Duracable’s two-year machine warranties can alleviate some financial worry because you’ll know you can get painless repairs or replacements if the machine breaks. The company offers this guarantee because it is confident in the product’s quality and reliability. Duracable has manufactured drain cleaning equipment since 1981, making the highest quality sewer cleaning machines to make the job of drain cleaning easier, cleaner and safer. Along with machines, Duracable makes cables, blades, and accessories that you can trust. It provides the best sewer equipment with fast delivery, fair prices, and dependable parts for your job.

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