4 Most Common Motorola Walkie Talkie Issues Caused by Poor Batteries

Posted by imhanna on October 3rd, 2017

There is no doubt that Motorola walkie talkies are powerful two-way radio device. Users can enjoy clear voice even when they range up to 10 miles from each other.

In this article, we are going to discuss some essential issues caused by low or weak batteries. You should know them before providing Motorola walkie talkies to your office staff.

Radio Fails to Turn On

If you are facing this issue in your Motorola Walkie Talkie, the problem may be due to the battery, which may not be fully charged. It is good to charge the battery. If the battery is fully charged, but the radio still doesn’t turn on, you need to replace the battery. However, before the battery replacement, you can check the battery terminal connectors.

Radio Beeps Constantly

If your radio has a low battery, it will start beeping. So, you need to charge the battery. Once you set the device to charge, make sure whether it is charging properly.

Poor Performance

Problems in the battery can also affect the performance of your walkie talkie. It is important to check if the battery is not more than a year. An old battery can lead to cause several issues in your radio. Typically 12-18 months is the lifespan of your battery.

Interface problems

Interface problems are also the result of low or weak battery. Low battery disallows your radio from being strong enough to connect a signal. It causes interference to be received instead. In that case, it is wise to monitor battery charge. Either recharge or replace if required and you are having interface problems.

Radios Are Too Close Together

If the battery is completely charged, but the interference problem does persist, it is possible that radios are too close together. Try to keep radios over minimum ten feet apart to stop interference and let them work properly.


The bottom line is that low or weak batteries cause many problems. So, if you witness any issue mentioned above in your Motorola walkie talkie, it is important to first check the battery and make sure whether it is fully charged. 

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